Kiano Sanogo [Regiga's Standards]

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Kiano Sanogo [Regiga's Standards]

Post by Schmeva on Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:19 pm

*General Information*

First name: Kiano
Last name:  Sanogo
Sex: male
Age: 19
Birthday: 23rd November
Origin (Region, City): Lumiose City
Status (Teacher/Student): Student
House: Regigigas' Standards/ Art
Subjects:   Art, Chemistry, Nature Studies, Sports


Ethnicity: African-American (French)
Facial Type: triangle
Height: 1,83m
Physique: lanky, slender, slightly muscular (like a 16-year-old, sports-loving boy can be muscular, ya know?)
Hair colour:  black
Hairstyle:  wild curls
Skin Tone: chocolate brown
Eye colour: dark brown
Blood type: A+
Clothing:  white shirt, red waist coat, grey ¾ pants, green sneakers, no socks
Micellaneous: Tattoos on each forearm (Kanji: courage, cleverness, patience, justice, mercy)

Voice: fruity, but modulated, e.g., Keith Powers ( )

Parents: Mr. Jason Sanogo (43) (worker in a factory) , Mrs. Kaia Sanogo (46) (cleaning --> later support in primary school)
Siblings: Dajan Sanogo (21), Kwasi Sanogo (16), Suna Sanogo (13)

Closest acquaintance(s): Evelyn Tolkien, Elizabeth Price, Cho Graceling, Penelope, Carl Fraser, Cassandra Watson, Ashley Bell, Nicole Bertrand, Rea Hèrdèvary, Yannick Twain, Gabriella Juerda Herce [Zac? Jess?]
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): single, in love with Gabriella


Character traits: calm, bitchy, can be very gaudy, earnest, strict, friendly, likes to stand out and be seen, he likes to shock and to bother others

- his painting and sculpturing habits are very excessive and dangerous if one does not want to be covered in colours or dust
- spends his time on painting, listening to music and doing sports
- often stays in the laboratory if possible, loves to solve equations and riddles
- sings and dances in the bathroom, tries to cheer his friends up, but also makes them do their studies because he wants to support them
- secretly loves  literature and theatre, but did not want to choose Dori’s class because he was afraid to  disappoint Dori
- can’t watch girls crying, he does anything to see them laugh again
-once had a weakness for graffiti
- has green fingers

Mood: calm, balanced
Attitude: Earnest
Expressiveness: holds emotions becka if you don't know him, but this can change quickly

Allergies: grapefruits
Medication: /
Phobias: Ailurophobia, Apiphobia, Atelophobia

Guilty Pleasure: trying hair styles for fun, comics

Favorite Colors: red, turquoise
Favorite Places at the Academy: green house, his room, ateliers
Favorite Flavors: nutmeg, banana, lemon
Favorite Foods: Coucous with meat skewers and tomatoes, hamburger, pizza
Favorite Drinks: Coke, coffee, water
Favorite Books: Great lexicon of plants, Star Wars, Cloud Atlas
Favorite Music: Rock'n'Roll, Metal, Hip Hop


Rufflet, Name: Nuka, level  1, male, a bell bound around its neck

Languages: French (C2), English (C1), Dutch (B2)
Accent: Parisian (slight African-French influence), English: American


Childhood Age 0 – 12:
- Born into a middle class family, with 1 older, 1 younger brother (2 years younger) and 1 little sister (5 years younger), his mum stayed at home while his father was almost always gone to work, working hard  to make a good life possible
- He already loved to draw and to paint in kindergarten (German kindergarten, not American connotation)
- his mum went working ( first cleaning, afterwards she landed a job in a primary school) to support her husband
- Kiano rather was a calm and guarded child staying in the background most of the time so that he was eclipsed by the loud children although he had wanted to participate in the plays  
- learnt to be in the foreground, to stand out from the mass especially when he really wants something
-Guarded his little siblings cautiously like his older brother had done for him and still did
- Played football (soccer) and basketball, did (and still does like basketball) kendo and some hiphop for some time as his dad had shown him
- Found a few best friends which he still is befriended with when he attends the academy although they’re pretty different from each other
- Primary school was very chaotic, the children too loud for him, his parents were not very strict though they are loving and good working hard and doing anything for their children
-  this is why he can be very strict, he did not like the chaos, because his siblings were wild

Adolescence 13-18:
- Opinions alluding to him were a diametrical mindset, he was a normal student, neither popular nor unpopular
- Found Rufflet when he was 13, it came into his atelier disoriented and having lost its way, so that he helped it, staying calm and behaving not intrusively
- he befriended quickly with chosen people, he conversed with them and decided carefully afterwards
- he decided to become an artist or a scientist
- Kiano discovered his enthusiasm and interest for science, he participated in contests and similar


*What do you like most about your job?*

(smiles broadly) Getting to know so many new things! Painting with Polly's non-existent instructions is amazing! It is absolutely different from Mr Wordsworth's class! And especially any other academy around.

*Is there someone particular you like?*

(grimaces, but ends up in a smile, squints his left eye slightly* Yeah, but she doesn't feel the same way, I am sure about it. I'm not so lucky falling in love. I stay positive and hopeful, that are the means not to give up.

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Hmm... what do I always do? Mostly painting or doing sports of any kind, also hanging out with friends or even caring for the plants in the green house. It's so much fun to see the plants grow! (grins and takes a bite of his sandwich during his break from doing sports)

*If I would date your little sister... what would you do?*

(his body tenses completely, his mouth becomes a slim line) ...if you ever dare doing so... prepare to die.

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