Cho Fujiyoka [Dragalge's Poisons]

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Cho Fujiyoka [Dragalge's Poisons]

Post by Schmeva on Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:11 am

*General Information*

First name: Cho
Last name:  Fujiyoka
Sex: female
Age: 19
Birthday: 20th March
Origin (Region, City): Cyllage City
Status (Teacher/Student): Student
House: Dragalge's Poisons /Poison
Subjects:  Chemistry, Sports, Mechanics, Literature


Ethnicity: Tai–Kadai (Thai-French)
Facial Type: Round
Height: 1,59m
Physique:  slender, little tummy, flat-breasted
Hair colour:  brown-black, streaks blue like lapis lazuli and silvern
Hairstyle:  undercut (one side short, the other shoulder-length)
Eye colour: dark green
Skin Tone: yellowish brown
Cup Size: A
Blood type: AB+
Clothing:  Lolita, Punk/Steampunk, mixed so that either black or most colourful
Other: ear-widening ring in her right ear, several piercings in the right ear, piercing on the left beneath her mouth, navel piercing, thick mascara lines around her eyes; birthmark beneath her left eye

Voice: Hoarse, alto, e.g., Zaz ( )

Parents: Mr. Lien Graceling (45) (doctor) , Mrs. Jia Lu Graceling (37) (chemist)
Siblings: Ren Hoa Graceling (21)

Closest acquaintance(s):  Nicole Bertrand, Ozan Ouerghi, Gabriella Juerda Herce, Cassandra Watson, Evelyn Tolkie, Zachary Morton (?), Jessica Charbarti, Rea Hèrdèvary, Audrey Collins (?)
Sexuality: bisexual
Love interest (+ status): single


Character traits:
cold, absent-minded, intelligent, hard-nosed, friendly and warm (if you get to know /befriend her), creative, courageous, sometimes a bit dogmatic, looking through, bashful, hard-working, caring, gruff, kinda bohemian, reliable

- working on machines, inventing things, doing senseless or absolutely crazy experiments
- likes to pimp cars
- comic books and computer games are secret passions which she does not want to break to anyone, not even her family
- sleeping like a cat, can often be found on the floor in the course of the night and even in the middle of the day → can sleep EVERYWHERE
- Everything about East Asian countries causes an inner fire to her; once she has started to talk about them she cannot stop anymore (she appears very cute and lovely the way  she talks about these things although she is gruff)
- pets her rabbit for hours while reading or being creative
- drawing tattoos on her skin for fun
- blogging

Mood: grumpy, but friendly if she meets friends
Attitude: Competitive, curious, aggressive/protective
Expressiveness: hides her emotions unless it gets too much

Allergies: saliva of dogs
Medication: Insulin
Phobias: Cleithrophobia, Dentophobia, Katsaridaphobia

Guilty Pleasure: K- and J-Pop and -Rock

Favorite Colors: Pink, Lapis Lazuli, orange
Favorite Places at the Academy: sports ground, laboratory, the roof
Favorite Flavors: melon, plum, hazelnut
Favorite Foods: red cabbage with dumplings, Crêpes suzettes, thai curry
Favorite Drinks: melon lemonade, coconut water, tea
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games
Favorite Music: Rock, Death Metal, Metal, instrumental


- cars and machines
- comics
- jumping around her room while dancing to music
- science
- steampunk
- Mathematics
- fashion and photography
- pokemon and cute things
- travelling
- astronomy, watching the universe
-healthy food


Pokemon abuse
People whining about seemingly unimportant things
Splatter and horror movies
The cold
Having nothing to do
Being told people’s life stories if she doesn’t know them
Unfriendly/rude people
western pop music

Languages: French, Thai (native, C2), English (C2), Chinese (B2)
Accent: French: Nantes, English: British


Pokemon: Budew, Name: Sunnymoon, level 1, male, item:  little shoes


Cho is the child of a doctor and a chemist and is the younger of two siblings, her brother  is 2 years older. There was and is no trouble with her parents, they support her and have encouraged her to be who she really is although her father had been struggling with himself at first because she was not and is not the type of girl he had wished his daughter to be.  She had a rough time being a teenager though finding herself which she overcame by building up a wall around herself which provoked her to become rather aggressive.
Cho met Sunnymoon in her parents greenhouse when she was gathering some herbs her father needed.


*What do you like most about your job?*

Well I can express and write all of my passions! Blogging is awesome you can share all your experiences and passions with your readers! And at school, I can gather so many new memories as I get to know a whole new world. Look at all these cute things, Japan has such a kawaii culture *squeaks, clears her throat* you've never heard about it. If you try to spread this, I'll break your bones!

*Is there someone particular you like?*

*her aura darkens* Don't ask if you want to stay alive, bitch.

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

You really want to know that? Nahhh blogging, hanging out with friends, working in the laboratories, creating fashion, working on machines... it depends on my mood, okay? What? I'm a normal human. *folds her arms and sits down to solve mathematical equations*

*Why are you always so disturbingly aggressive? And why do you hide that you like Japanese popculture?*

I swear if you don't fuck off, I'll rip out each singular hair of you head! *a vein appears on her temple; she is about to jump up, but the reporter already is running away*

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