Cassandra Watson [Regigas' Standards]

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Cassandra Watson [Regigas' Standards]

Post by Schmeva on Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:24 am

*General Information*

First name: Cassandra
Last name: Watson
Sex: female
Age: 19
Birthday: 2nd December
Origin (Region, City):  Coumarine City
Status (Teacher/Student): Student, Regigigas' Standards
Courses: arts, music, mechanics, psychology


Ethnicity: Latina-Caucasian / Brazilian-French
Facial Type: heart-shaped
Height: 1,53m
Physique: slim, petite, busty
Hair colour: shining red (dyed, dark blonde)
Hairstyle: long, wavy → reaches down to the beginning of her bottom; → varies hairstyle and experiments with her creativity
Eye colour: green with brown and blue speckles
Skin Tone: caramel brown
Cup Size: D
Clothing: combines many colours, mixes them and different styles ( hip hop, hippie, girly, steampunk, rock …), but always a trenchcoat and freaky, extraordinary high heels, weighty/big jewellery

Voice: silvery, melodic, e.g., Rita Volk ( )

Parents: Mr. Ignacio Graham Watson (44), Mrs. Isabella Watson (44)
Siblings: /

Closest acquaintance(s): Evelyn Tolkien, Cho Graceling, Ajdin, Aaden, Gabriella [Carl Fraser, Nicole Bertrand, Drew, Robin, Olivia, Ashley, Carmen...?]
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): single [suggestions? Please, comment below]


Character traits: curious, eloquent, carefree, challenge-loving, attentive, blithesome, cuddly, crazy, adventurous, insecure, capable of abstraction, fanciful, meticulous, analytical, inspiring, dauntless, mothering, well-read, emotional, calculating (in certain situations), fervid, understanding, cheeky

Habits: offering the students articles she hides in her coat, making music if she is sad or needs to think, sketching in class, analysing people and formulating theses about them, entering most rooms through the window, sleeping in her hammock and sneaking out of her room at night/climbing atop the roof to watch the sky, always bringing some cookies or something else with me

Interests and hobbies:  art /history of arts, painting, history, singing to music, playing the violin and the harp, video games, bombing walls, acting, technology, science, astronomy, dancing, cooking/baking, singing

Mood: gay/ happy
Attitude: enthusiastic and imaginative -- she always finds a solution
Expressiveness: absolutely expressive, but a pokerface in selling situations

Allergies: wasps
Medication: /
Phobias: Nosocomephobia (hospitals), Obesophobia (gaining weight)

Guilty Pleasure: shoes

Favorite Colors:
Favorite Places at the Academy: the swings, the swimming pool, the weirdos' cave
Favorite Flavors: cinnamon, cherry
Favorite Foods: mochi, börek, Paella
Favorite Drinks: ice tea, tea, hot chocolate, coke
Favorite Books: The Hobbit,Mieses Karma
Favorite Music: Reggaeton, dancing music, pop, reggae

Languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese (native, C2), English (C1)
Accent: French: region of Caen


Pokémon 1: Teddiursa, Lvl. 1, Mary (Mary Cassatt)


She grew up in a normal, but wealthy family, she is an only-child so that she almost apotheosizes her friends and acts like a sisterly type. Her mother, a therapist, experimented much educating her, but she failed at that so that Cat's crazy, artsy streak dominated and shaped her. Mary she got to know exploring the surroundings and the woods in order to find a scenery to paint which evoked her curiosity so that she approached shyly and attempted to help Cat painting using her honey. They got to know each other slowly, Cat always came into the woods therefore Mary was able to negotiate her timidity so that they became friends and Cat's love and fascination of pokémon was evoked – she participated in some competitions, in which they succeeded, but she never forgot about caring for her little fellows. She took care of them, worked alongside them successfully so that she was able to enter the academy.


*What do you like most about your job?*

(fidgeting with a brush) I can paint. I love painting and selling so it's easier to get known if you're able to sell your works correctly. So do you want to buy a pocket watch?

*Is there someone particular you like?*

Eventually. That idiot probably is just trapped somewhere. (winks and laughs) I'd be happy, if someone would like me. (has started painting the interviewer's face so that he looks like an Indian demon)

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

What should I do? Fun things right? Moreover... there always is someone to hang out with... stuff to do and some teacher to provoke. Moreover the band is practicing. There is ALWAYS something to do. (she watches him earnestly and giggles satisfiedly when she observes her work)

*Why do you always have to paint my faaaaaaaaace? (cries)*

You always look so cute if your face changes. (kisses his cheek and hops away)

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