Philippe Legrand-Panyot

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Philippe Legrand-Panyot

Post by Schmeva on Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:33 am

General Information
First name: Philippe
Last name: Legrand-Panyot
Sex: male
Age: 39
Birthday: 3rd August
Origin (Region, City): Kalos, Luminose City
Status (Teacher/Student): Teacher, Ho-Oh's Flames
Subject: Cooking
Club: /

Height: 1,82
Physique: flabby, little belly, but rather lean
Hair colour: hazelnut brown, one naturally white streak
Hairstyle: man bun, combed back loosely
Eye colour: greenish grey with brown spots
Clothing: jeans, simple baggy sweatshirts, dark blue ripped jeans jacket, but mostly if not at school a combination of extravagance and rock
Miscellaneous: a number of moles all over his body, but one huge across his belly, full sleeve of wolves at night, small tattoo on his ankle (shape of world map + compass )

Character traits: bold, challenge-loving, compassionate, loyal (if you have befriended him), discrete, dreamy, distanced, eager, supportive, exacting, excitable, fidgety, rather garrulous, inventive, quixotic, persevering, impish
Habits: singing about what he’s doing (not that he’s good at singing), scribbling tattoo sketches while phoning, meditating before breakfast, wearing his shirt wider open when he sees someone attractive, reading cooking magazines eating, smokes, drinks
Interests and hobbies: cooking, climbing, drawing, manual work, cuisine of other countries, Indian art, travelling by backpacking, photography, astrology + spirituality + astronomy,music (playing the bass)

Closest acquaintance(s):
Sexuality: demisexual
Love interest (+ status): ?, single

1st Pokémon: Flareon, Saphira, female, Lvl. 41
2nd Pokémon: Quilava, Pyros, male, Lvl. 43
3rd Pokémon: Braixen, Amber, female, Lvl. 40
4th Pokémon: Rapidah, Amate, male, Lvl. 41


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