Charlotte Banson [Guard]

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Charlotte Banson [Guard]

Post by BlackArcanine on Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:16 pm

Full Name: Charlotte Banson
Nickname/Alias: Lotte

Gender: Female
Orientation: heterosexual
Real Age: 38
Birthday: January 22nd 19xx

Like any other. She wasn't sick and had loving parents however her father got called off for duty when she was only 3 years old and got caught in the crossfire.

Her mother guarded her a lot after her father's death and made sure that no harm came to her that however made her rather rebellious and she kept sneaking away from home to go on "adventures"

She was average in school but was more bored of it than anything at the age of 15 she decided that she wanted to go to the military like her father head. her mother was against it of course but she was dead set on it and so she inscribed for military school and moved away from home. She didn't have any contact with her mother since.

She went through boot camp and soon noticed that someone of her stature had a hard time and had to work twice as hard as the others and so she did. She showed them all that she was not some small girl they could mess around with. She trained everyday to make sure she had the strength to keep up with the male cadets. She made her way up the ranks and by the time she resigned she was a captain. She resigned because her partner Goodra had become injured pretty bad in a fight and she decided to pull out for her partner's and her own sake. She spent five years looking for a job until finally she found one thanks to her former subordinate Gorm. And so she started her career as guard at Belleforêt.

Ethnicity: English-French
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Hairstyle: shoulder long, bangs, small pigtail at the back
Skin Tone: pale
Build: petite
Height: 1,62m
Weight: 65kg (most of that is muscle)
Distinguishing Features: small scar on right side of the lip

Allergies: Pollen

Style: Casual
Mode of Dress: Basic fashion (whatever is available at the time and looks cute)
Grooming: clean
Habits and Mannerisms: Touches the scar on her lip when she become insecure or nervous

Mood: Upbeat
Attitude: Friendly and polite
Expressiveness: Fairly expressive
When Happy: Big smile and a slight blush
When Depressed: locks herself up in her room
When Angry: Tries to get rid of that anger by doing work outs

Parents: Susanne Banson (64), Leon Banson (deceased)
Siblings: n/a
Friends: Gorm Olafson, Angus Maxwell

Pokemon :
1. Rose
Species: Goodra
Gender: Female
Level: 64
Nature: Calm

2. Dandelion
Species: Garchomp
Gender: Female
Level: 79
Nature: Serious

3. Violet
Species: Noivern
Gender: Female
Level: 74
Nature: Naughty

4. Ginger
Species: Hakamo-o
Gender: Male
Level: 37
Nature: Hardy

Wardrobe: Whatever is in fashion right now
Accessories: dogtag necklace
Prized Possession: n/a

Lovers: n/a
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Guard
Work Ethnic: Takes her job seriously

Etiquette: Basic. Very polite to new people and persons of higher rank
Culture: French / British

Worst Nightmare: Seeing the people she cares about dying in war

Hobbies/Interests: baking, work outs, calligraphy
Skills/Talents: great physical strength, a steady hand in pretty much all situations

- Flowers
- Chocolate
- Dragon types
- Armwrestling
- Black and white movies
- Old school fairy tales
- Romance

- Hook-up culture
- One night stands
- Dating sites
- Unneccesary violence
- Rain (or rather getting wet in the rain
- Mud in places it doesn't belong (bootcamp flashbacks)

Quirks: unconsciously touching her scar
Guilty Pleasure: Black and white romances and fantasizing about the perfect man

Favorite Colors: violet, rose, red, purple, warm brown
Favorite Pokemon: Goomy-line, Jangmo-o-line
Favorite Places in the Academy: The gym, the gardens, the barracks
Favorite Flavors: sweet, sour, umami
Favorite Foods: Chocolate, sour drops, lemon sorbet, Salmon
Favorite Drinks: Ginger Ale, Limonade
Favorite Genre: Romance, Slice-of-life
Favorite Books: Romeo and Juliette, the Collected Tales of Brother's grim, Don Quichote
Favorite Music: the Beatels, Elvis
Favorite Quotations: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.” - John Lennon

Languages: English, French
Accent: British- english | French when she starts to get very nervous

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