Ozan Ouerghi [Cobalion's Fists]

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Ozan Ouerghi [Cobalion's Fists]

Post by Schmeva on Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:27 am

*General Information*

First name: Ozan
Last name: Ouerghi
Sex: male
Age: 21
Birthday: 1st April
Origin (Region, City):  Kiloude City, Kalos
Status (Teacher/Student): Student, Cobalion's Fists
Courses: sports, economy, mechanics, swimming


Ethnicity: Caucasian (Tunisian)
Facial Shape: square
Height: 1,70m
Physique: wiry, slim
Hair colour: greyish (dyed, actually dark brown)
Hairstyle: wild mane, brushed to a mountain of hair with styling gel
Eye colour: brown
Skin Tone: ocre
Blood type: B+
Clothing: skinny jeans (torn, used), mostly black and red rock shirts; mixture of rocker and hipster
Miscellaneous: leather bracelet, ear-widening earring, piercing left auricle, nerd glasses, tattoo left arm, full beard

Voice: gravelly, baritone ,e.g., ~ Ismail YK  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlg5DvJt1rY ; 15:16 )

Parents: Mr. Kerim Ouerghi (56), Mrs. Shayana Ouerghi (51)
Siblings: /

Closest acquaintance(s): Cho Graceling, Aaden Molesworth, Nicole Bertrand (?), Evelyn Tolkien(??), Alec?, Rea Hèrdèvary, Carmen? (Carl?, Drew, Robin?)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): single


Character traits: curious, ambitious, self-complacent, likes to talk/ eloquent, carefree, challenge-loving, attentive, blithesome, protesting, casual, persistent, prompt, foolish

Habits: discussing with Mr Marchand, needs at least half an hour in the bathroom, goes swimming before school every morning, cleans his glasses every time he gets serious discussing with his friends or people in class

Interests and hobbies: playing the drums, sports (swimming, show-jumping course, kung-fu), working with machines, skating, economics, politics, history, singing to music, video games

Mood: chilled and in a good mood
Attitude: cheeky, carefree, ambitious
Expressiveness: open, hides negative emotions and "weakness"

Allergies: fish
Medication: /
Phobias: Parasitophobia

Guilty Pleasure: collecting anime-figures

Favorite Colors: Green, grey
Favorite Places at the Academy: the weirdos' hide-out, swimming pool
Favorite Flavors: Kiwi, coconut, salami
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Döner, Spinach, Spinozas
Favorite Drinks: apple tea, black tea, milk
Favorite Books: Istanbul,
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Power Metal, Techno

Languages: French (native, C2), English (C1) , Arabic, Turkish (B2)
Accent: Tunisian and region of Lyon


Pokémon 1: Hitmonchan, Lvl. 1, Klitschko


Ozan grew up in a middle-class family in Fuchsia City. When he was smaller, his parents had to work much so that he had to care for his little brothers and played with them, took them with him so that they did not have to be alone at home. Klitschko was found by him on a school trip, Ozan blundered into a fight of two Hitmonchans so that he carried some bruises like a black eye away, but one of them who was accidentally protected stayed with him.


*What do you like most about your job?*

(grins) Annoying anyone. It's actually pretty funny to provoke and make others laugh.

*Is there someone particular you like?*

Yes. No. Eventually? There are many possibilities. Do you have one, little boy? (pats his head although he is a bit taller and leans back repairing his board)

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Doing some homework if no one's around, but that's not all. It depends on my mood and currently I have been invited to come over. Are you finished?

*(in awe) How are you always able to face Mr Marchand and survive?*

Because I can and I have a hard skull. (winks and cleans his glasses)

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