Gabriella Juerda Herce [Volcarona's Bugs]

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Gabriella Juerda Herce [Volcarona's Bugs]

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*General Information*

First name: Gabriella
Last name: Juerda Herce
Sex: female
Age: 17
BIrthday: 12th January
Origin (Region, City):  [Region which corresponds to Spain]
Status (Teacher/Student): Student, Volcarona's Bugs
Courses: biology, chemistry, astrology, music

Ethnicity: Caucasian (Spanish)
Facial type: round
Height: 1,56 cm
Physique: wispy, slim, petite
Hair colour: dark brown
Hairstyle: curly, mostly pony tail, curly (bound with a ribbon)
Eye colour: green with chocolate brown sprinkles
Skin colout: light
Cup size: AA 75
Blood type: AB +
Clothing: ¾ long jeans, pink shirt-like dresses, ballerinas, sometimes waistcoats and skirts, earrings (4)
necklace with pocket watch as pendant, short necklace with healing stone as pendant, anklet, glasses, moles above the right eyebrow and on the lower left side of her chin, vegetarian, Fleming always stays by her side and sometimes tries to sing along with her, skipped a class

Voice: high, girly, quiet, e.g. Bernadette (Big Bang Theory,  )


Parents: Diego Juerda Herce (47, astronomist), Maria Juerda Herce (45, music therapist)
Siblings: Miguel (19), Marta (15)

Closest acquaintance(s): Kiano Sanogo, Ajdin Coskun, Aaden Molesworth, Finnja, Anastasija, Cassandra, Jessica
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Kiano Sanogo (no relationship yet)


Character traits: guarded, clever, creative, indecisive, lusty, energetic, enthusiastic, credulous, thoughtful, altruistic, jolly, easily to be daunted, curious

almost always to be found in nature searching and analysing objects, sometimes lost in watching Cynthia's plants closely out of interest , drinking at least two cups of tea before going to sleep, playing the piano and composing whenever she has the possibility to, decorates her “Is” with hearts, resigns shoes in nature except they're necessary

Interests and hobbies: playing the piano, composing songs and musicals, examining stars and nature, maths, watching sports, healing stones/esoteric stuff, climbing, reading

- sleeping in
- colourful scarfs and playful skirts
- peaceful pokémon
- nature and the smell of it ( doesn't mind getting dirty)
- oriental stuff
- calculating
- cute things
- walking barefoot


- pokémon abuse
- arrogance and bullying
- loud voices
- brawls
- being woken up
- being asked out in front of the class
- alcohol
- shoes
- others wearing her glasses without permission

Guilty Pleasure: salty crisps with chocolate ice cream

Favorite Colors: pink
Favorite Places at the Academy: the roof, the school grounds, the library
Favorite Flavors: blueberries, maple syrup
Favorite Foods: Paella
Favorite Drinks: ice tea
Favorite Books:
Favorite Music: alternative, instrumental, Punk

Allergies: /
Medication: /
Phobias: Ailurophobia, anginophobia

Mood: happy
Attitude: empathetic, optimistic
Expressiveness: holding back
When Happy: singing
When Depressed: playing the piano
When Angry: silent, not speaking any more

Languages: French, Spanish (C2, native), English
Accent: /


Pokémon 1: Surskit, Name: Fleming, Lvl. 1, male,


Gabi grew up cared for and protected, her father inspired her and taught her some science which made her eyes shine when she visited a observatory so that she could not stop reading and drawing pictures about the stars and nature. In school she always did pretty well, she liked studying, understood quickly which made her the target of mobbing until she had skipped a higher class and could befriend the older pupils who developed a protective instinct.


*What do you like most about your job?*

Experimenting and composing. They are the best things in the world! *her answer is quick and does not even take a minute to be uttered*

*Is there someone particular you like?*

Ehhh... ehhh... eh?! Eh... Possibly? I don't know, what to you define a-as "like"? *she blushes, but tries to hide her embarrassment*

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

I... I meet my friends and similar. What do you think? I can't study all night long, right? *she smiles and crosses her arms in front of her chest*

*Why don't you wear shoes?*

Have you ever tried it? It's so satisfying to feel the grass and earth under your feet. Try, try, you'll love it! *smiling broadly and keeps waiting for further questions without getting annoyed or impatient*

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