Zachary Morton [Dragalge's Poisons]

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Zachary Morton [Dragalge's Poisons]

Post by DarkSlowbro on Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:06 pm

General Information
First name: Zachary (prefers to be called “Zac”)
Last name: Morton
Sex: male
Age: 19
Origin (Region, City): Lumiose City, Kalos
Status (Teacher/Student): Student, Dragalge’s Poisons
Courses: Chemistry, Literature, Music, Philosophy

Height: 1,79m
Physique: slender
Hair colour: black (dyed, actually dark brown)
Hairstyle: undercut, ponytail (neck-length)
Eye colour: green
Clothing: mostly black and purple, gothic
Miscellaneous: clear-cut beard on chin (almost like a triangle)

Character traits: usually laid-back, friendly, helpful, your worst enemy if you insist on annoying him, sarcastic, humorous, talkative when among the right people, melancholic and philosophical from time to time, determined, occasionally a voice of reason
Habits: likes to come up with theories about everyone and everything, eats almost only organic food, he’s often the one to remind everyone that exams are coming up
Interests and hobbies: playing the keyboard, singing, writing songs and literature, cooking and baking, experimenting and making herbal medicine

1st Pokémon: Koffing, lvl. 9, male, Fumus

Zac found Fumus somewhere in an abandoned factory while searching for inspiration.

Mother, father, sister (17 years old)

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