Chester Guerlaine [Philosophy]

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Chester Guerlaine [Philosophy]

Post by Schmeva on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:30 pm

*General Information*

First name: Chester
Last name:  Guerlaine
Nickname: Ches, Schopenhauer
Sex: male
Age: 29
Birthday: 13th February
Origin (Region, City):  Batika City
Status (Teacher/Student): Teacher (Philosophy)


Height:  1,86m   / 6,1 ft
Physique:  slender, but slightly muscular
Hair colour: brown
Hairstyle:  dread locks, mostly open particularly tied into a pony tail, sometimes only a pony tail; beard chin and framing his mouth in a thin arc
Eye colour:  green-brown
Blood group: AB pos.
Clothing:  green leather coat covering his knees, his sleeves are decorated by a silver feather pattern, high band collar, baggies, blue tank top,  combat boots, edge decorated with feathers too --> generally baggies, tanks tops, beanie hats on occasion, boots, coat; in summer also capri trousers and skateboarder shoes, white shirts
Ethnicity: Jamaican

Accessories: necklace with a circle of wood and feathers hanging on it; piercings; silver ring on his right forefinger

Miscellaneous:  2 tattoos: left side of his neck (some Celtic runes), right front side of waist (Om); 3 piercings (rings):  left eye brow, nose, lower lip

Voice: orotund, throaty, warm, e.g., Benji Webbe ( )

Character traits:
-Gay and somehow crazy fellow
-Loves discussions, dancing and music
-Likes to tease the other teacher
-Does not care about conventions and rules
-is out of it
-his Pokémon are extremely important to him, like a family


-Reads his philosophical books while hanging with the upper part of his body from his bed
-Writes, plays the flute/guitar, sings and thinks outside in nature, mostly sitting on trees or in a pavilion
-Hot chocolate is his favourite drink so that he always carries a thermos bottle with it
-Smokes (also some weed to calm down)
-Video games and friends are welcome all the time
-Hip hop, reggae and metal can be heard all the time in his room
-fond of cute animals, Pokémon and things
-he is kind of crazy, he tries all strange and extraordinary kinds of sports, peaks to people on the streets, tries to get to know new regions of the world and the cultures
-opening and tieing his dreads in some kind of pony tail if nervous (E.g. when Polly is present)

allergies: coconuts, poison of wasps

Mood: Happy, if not happy thoughtful or even fucked up in rare cases
Attitude: Everybody is able to create a dancing star as long as they bear chaos inside of them. Everybody deserves a chance, a second, a third chance and should be treated equally with the same rights.
Expressiveness: Showing his feeling, but tames them and sometimes he hides them and replaces them with a mask; direct, rational
When Happy: rocking with his chair, whistling all way long and greets everyone with a smile
When Depressed: wandering outside listening to music or playing melancholic songs on the guitar -- the same with bad weather, but then he stays inside and drinks some cocoa
When Angry: You see it in his eyes. They burn and slowly infect the whole body until his arguments get sharper and to a certain degree louder --> impulsiveness

Worst Nightmare: He would not be able to support anyone and would have to see their break down

Guilty Pleasure: smoking weed and roleplaying

Favorite Colors: shades of green, blue, dark red and a mild brown
Favorite Pokemon: Flying types
Favorite Places in the Academy: Library, the green houses, the meadows, his home, Polly's studio
Favorite Flavors: chocolate, raspberry, cocos (although he only can eat small portions), oregano
Favorite Foods: Pizza, chopsuey, Jamaican jerk chicken
Favorite Drinks: cocoa, rum, beer, melon limonade
Favorite Genre: philosophy, slice of life, mystery, detective
Favorite Books: Les jeux sont faits (Sartre), Sein und Nichts (Heidegger), Sherlock Holmes, Sense of an Ending
Favorite Music: Rock/Metal, Reggae, Hiphop
Favorite Quotations: "If you look into an abyss for a long time, the abyss looks in you too."

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian
Accent: Jamaican Creole


Pokémon 1:  Emolga, female
Level: 69
Nickname: Leaverose
Nature: cuddly
Characteristic: curious

Pokémon 2:  Beautifly, male
Level: 57
Nickname:  Fantastiwing
Nature: gentle
Characteristic:  spreading gaiety and calmness

Pokémon 3: Scarmory, male
Level : 67
Nickname: Keensteel
Nature: brave
Characteristic: observing, amiable

Pokémon 4: Togekiss, female
Level: 58
Nickname: Cloudpaint
Nature: shy
Characteristic: Often lost in thoughts, dreamy

Pokémon 5: Gyarados, female
Level: 64
Nickname: Dragora
Nature: modest
Characteristic:  caring and worrying about others

Pokémon 6: Sigilyph, male
Level:  61
Nickname: Mystery
Nature: calm
Characteristic: very stubborn

Closest acquaintance(s): Sophia Timeweaver, Hyacinth Greenwood, Pauline Blanc, Pierre Marchand, Michelle Alphonse, Aurora Sinclair, Gorm Olafson (he even considers Dory as friend even if their relationship always appears different)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Pauline Blanc (girlfriend, later: wife)


Childhood Age 0 – 12:
-Raised by his father, a gardener, his mother , a musician (singer and guitarist) left them right after his birth and eloped with her drummer
-Not very rich, lived in a small house at the edge of Batika City
-He loved his father and vice versa, helped him gardening and was taught everything about plants and Pokémon (esp. grass types)
-Mad at his mother, never wanted to meet her once in his life when he had grown older though father never said something mean about her (he was a gentle, peaceful and empathetic person)
-Attended a  normal primary school where he only met  poorer/ lower class children
-Hated it when richer children showed off  with their Pokémon and  scoffed at them
-Very intelligent, but often playing the buffoon, rebellious since there  were some children  sucking up to those richer kids and  laughing at  others, he felt misunderstood and disadvantaged by teachers --> also fighting for his friends
-Often called to the  head master’s office
-Sometimes ran away when he was hurt, hiding and doing some sports / writing lyrics/playing music when he was alone --> first encountering with Pokémon
-Listening to the wind and watching flying Pokémon he got affected by them and started to love thinking freely without boundaries just like flying
-Seeing those upper class children treating their Pokémon not appropriately he got furious and tried to teach them a lesson --> start of his revolutionary thinking

Adolescence 13-19

-Attended a public secondary school
-Chose his friends cautiously and stays away from snobs and those trendy “chicks” and  sporty apes  --> still friends after school
--> protective instinct and an affinity to cute things and people seemingly helpless
-Spoke his mind without caring about the others’ opinions
-First earrings and dreads, playing his music, dancing, the girls’ secret crush
-Some kinds of softer drugs tried, but rather focuses on  trying all  kinds of extraordinary sports and hobbies
-Several protest organizations, campaigns, getting to know about Team Rocket he tries even more intensely
-Curious and reading a lot --> great knowledge , but not caring about marks and school till his father had had a word with him
-Graduating, decision to travel around searching for Pokémon, taking photos and spreading his campaigns
-Often arrested because of his actions, becoming popular and moving people to support the campaigns
-First Pokémon received by his philosophy teacher at school so that this Pokémon should be his friend  his whole life long and help him to fly
-Got his ring as a present by his father --> mojo, should return home once in a while
-Celtic runes- tattoo ; piercing eye brow

Young Adult 20- 28 1/2:

-Decided to study philosophy, history of arts and archaeology (this is why he studies so long, instead of 6 years, 9)
-Piercing nose and lip
-Leaverose followed him wherever he went and attracted all kinds of people like himself
-Found friends easily and  also became  best friends with Leaverose
-Did not stop campaigning even not after Leaverose had been captured by Team Rocket --> shortly after this abduction he catches Fantastiwing;  does anything to find Leaverose again with the help of his first and only ex-girlfriend Serena who focused on dragon types
-They studied and made music together, she was a gay and freaky pretty, violet-haired girl loving Pokémon and always wearing large earrings
-Giving the necklace to him; during this time he got his Om-tattoo
-Planned to marry once in a while
-Breaking-up shortly before graduating, did not fit any more, but still are good friends; finding his third Pokémon Firecatcher who gave him strength to start again and to apply for a job as a philosophy teacher at the Academy

Adult 29 - ?
-Philosophy teacher at the Academy --> catches Cloudpaint in the woods
-Finds  two flying Pokémon travelling around during the weekends/holidays


*What do you like most about your job?*

Scaring me pupils of course. (laughs) Nahh, discussing with them and teasing Dory of course. The pupils learn to think freely and me guess philosophy is what me love right?

*Is there someone particular you like?*

Possible? But that's my little secret me only share with my best friend. (winks and laughs)

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Reading, chilling out with friends, playing games and whatever comes to me mind. There are too many tings to do dat I'd be able to give jah a concrete description. But my favourite activity... wanna guess? (laughs) existing and enjoying life.

*Why do you have dreadlocks?*

Nahh come on, jah would like to wear'em!  They look cool, they're easy to treat... what else should me say? (grins and pulls a cigarette out of his pocket*

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