Sophia Timeweaver [History]

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Sophia Timeweaver [History]

Post by Schmeva on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:40 pm

*General Information*

First name: Sophia
Last name:  Timeweaver( former: Chatidakou-Marcipane)
Nickname: Sophi, Cupcake, Scheherazade (by some of their students)
Sex: female
Age: 26
Birthday: 22nd June
Origin (Region, City): Mamoria City
Status (Teacher/Student): Teacher (Stone/History)


Height: 1,59m
Physique: slim, petite, womanly (curves, but not too much)
Hair colour: dark violet - black
Hairstyle:  long, curly bob cut
Eye colour: turquoise
Blood group: 0
Cup Size: B
Skin Tone: brighter golden brown/olive brown
Weight: 50 kg
Clothing: strapless sweatshirts, elegant, oriental fashion (like harem trousers etc.), pumps, oriental symbols, jewellry
Miscellaneous: tattoo of two birds beneath her right arm
Ethnicity: Greek (mother) /Italian (father)

Voice: melodic, Alto, e.g., Rachel Mc Adams (a bit higher and a clearer articulation, Italian accent which appears even stronger when she is upset, ), Shae (from Game of Thrones, Sibel Kekilli)


Character traits: gentle, brave, energetic, effervescent, catty, friendly, calm, positive, stubborn, empathetic, loving, accurate, bewitching, prudent, vain, fanciful, dapper, peaceful, kind-hearted, delicate, sometimes infantile and capricious, meditative, emotional...

- loves reading books and comics, always goes to musea and loves to explore archaeological places
- sews her clothes by herself
- spends her time either reading in her pavillon
- dances --> from oriental, over modern,  contemporary and hip hop dance to latin and classical
- loves to listen to music, writes and paints
- helps her students devotionally and tries to inspire them
- Kleopatra is always outside of her pokeball
-drinks a lot of tea and cocoa
- has installed swings outside near the trees
- blushes when she is caught watching others
-dances in the rain

allergies: peanuts, curry (spice)

Mood: contempt and friendly, thoughtful
Attitude: equality of all, encouragement for everyone to be who they are no matter what has happened, nobody is less or more worth, but our behaviour determines if you are a good or bad person
Expressiveness: Showing his feeling, emotional person --> if necessary a mask to hide behind in certain situations
When Happy: smiling all day long, prancing kind of walking, a song sung
When Depressed: curling up with a book in her armchair inside her home all day long, music, painting
When Angry: straightening her curls with her hands in a quick pace, raised eyebrow, one hand on her hip ; stronger Italian accent

Worst Nightmare: (except for losing her loved ones and destruction of books and documents) seeing her students stumble and fall

Guilty Pleasure: drawing pictures of any kinde (wants to keep a number of them hidden -->acts and similar abstracted etc.)

Favorite Colors: purple, blue (turquoise, water blue, sky blue), red (a darker tone, strawberry red, oriental red, pearl ruby red), orange
Favorite Pokemon: Rock, flying, electro
Favorite Places in the Academy: Library, the swings, Rory's office, the dancing room, her home, Pierre's home
Favorite Flavors: strawberry, vanilla, plum, melon, cinnamon
Favorite Scents: roses, summer air, grass, old books, orchids, lavender
Favorite Foods: pizza, börek, pumpkin soup, cannoli
Favorite Drinks: cocoa, tea, wine, natural water
Favorite Genre: historical, romance, magical realism, philosoph.
Favorite Books: Half of a Yellow Sun, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, Kassandra, Sakamarand, The Dream of the Prophet
Favorite Music: Rock, Melodic Metal, Reggae, Oriental
Favorite Quotations: "Out of the dark there broke a light and illuminated my way."

Languages: English, Greek, Italian (all three are mothertongues because of her parents and living in a part where English is spoken),Thai, French, Latin (from school but only translation)
Accent: slight Italian accent (intensity decreases over the time at the academy)


Pokémon 1: Kleopatra (Shuckle, female, brave, 62)
Pokémon 2: Ramses (Shieldon, male, strong, 73)
Pokémon 3: Charles (Corsola, male, calm, 77)
Pokémon 4: Elizabeth (Aurorus, female, loving, 67)

Closest acquaintance(s): Chester Wingless, Aurora Sinclair, [university friends)], Olanna Jackson  <-- if interested please comment :'D (wanted to write "subscribe" first Very Happy )
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Pierre Marchand (boyfriend, later: husband)


Childhood Age 0 – 12:
-Born in Mamoria City , her father (coming from the southern regions)was a professor of archaeology and her mother the  director of a famous company which produced pokefan articles
-She never had a real home and not many friends because they always moved away  because of her father’s job until she lived with her grandmother when she turned 6
-They never were like parents to her, she felt lonely and longed for her mother’s love  and her father’s time ( she rather was daddy’s girl, when he was at home she always was with him, asked him for stories, facts etc.)
-Her grandmother showed her the love to Pokémon and dance, taught her to care for them and gave her a Shuckle as a present when she was 9
-She lived in the countryside, attending a normal primary school far away from the large cities, being rather shy
-She found some good friends, who helped and supported her, trying to do good things and to be a good person she stood up trying to help too
-Was determined to do something like her father and loved to learn new things

Adolescence 13-19:
-Attended a public secondary school in the nearest town which was very loud and terrifying to her, she got ill and did not feel better till she had found a dancing school and friends again
-she started to paint and write in order to handle her feelings
-met Chester at school and befriended him being rather an outsider
-dyed her hair purple close to her original hair colour
-helped Ches being in trouble because she was skilled in choosing words
-supported him with his campaigns and learnt not to care about what others think about her and her decisions
-she stayed in contact with her father and grandmother, but tried not to meet her mother again (too many expectations and rules so that the contact to her mother’s family got lost)
-being in the wood in the park she found Ramses and became friends with him like with Cleopatra
-graduating she went studying, she Sophia first tried to study dance and arts, but failed breaking down

Young Adult 20- 26:
-studied history, archaeology, philosophy
-got to  know her first boyfriend; being too shy to ask him to take some time, but he protected her whenever needed
-turning 21 her mother appeared again and took her with her trying to prison Sophia in a golden cage far away from her boyfriend, friends and university, she broke out after -some time having waited for the right moment, an Aurorus helped her which is her Pokemon Elizabeth later on
-she changed her name and moved to another department in town so that she could not be found again easily

Adult 26 - ? :
-Having graduated she saw the advertisement that a history teacher was needed so that she applied for it
-Had found Charles shortly before the term started


*What do you like most about your job?*

Eh, what I like? Oh my, let me gather my thoughts please... *rests her dinger on her lips thinking* I think that I can teach the students and am able to give them something they are interested in? It's fun to see their interest grow and to help them wherever I can.. *She responds smiling lost in thought*

*Is there someone particular you like?*

W-What?! Why so you ask something like this, por favore? Por amor die cielo, this is way to personal... of course there is someone I really, really like but... no, pleae, don't give that look! *she blushes so that she looks like a dark strawberry*

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Usually I cur up with a book on the couch and read all weekend long, but there are mostly some people whi prevent me from doing so. *laughs charmingly* Chester, Rory and Alma for example. And... also some other... people... *plays nervously with some of her curls*

*Why oriental dance? Wanna provoke someone?*

What are those questions about?! *blushes and tightens* It's just fun to dance to the music, that's all. I mean... look at those elegant movements and... listen to this music and rhythms! Don't they make you wanna dance?

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