Nathan Fetherstone [Politics]

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Nathan Fetherstone [Politics]

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*General Information*

Name:   Nathan Fetherstone
Nickname: Cracker (but only his wife calls him so), Nat
Age: 48
Birthday: 11th November
Origin: Fuchsania City
Status: teacher
House/Specialisation: Rayquaza's Prides /Dragon
Subject: Politics


Complexion: dark brown
Hair: black-blue --> silvern streaks
Eyes: icy blue
Height: 1,79m
Weight: 104kg
Clothing: Kimonos, trousers, shirts, often a woolen jacket... darker shades and colours
Blood group: B pos.
Ethnicity: Australian, but was adopted by a British lady

Voice: low, hoarse, e.g. Gandalf


Even if Nathan appears strict and for some reason like mighty, big owl, he actually is very friendly and has a heart for people who really need his help. He can be a real bastard if someone misbehaves and does not accept that all people are equal and have the same rights or even if someone really has disappointed him. Nevertheless, he bolsters his students and tries to support and solves his students' problems. Moreover he is a very intelligent man who knows so much that he can answer most of his students questions and gives background information so that most pupils are impressed by his class and have respect for him.
Penelope, his wife, is his one and only princess and best friend so that he'd do anything for her so that she would always be fine. This is also the reason why he is especially careful whenever he has to travel somewhere for his studies so that she would not remain alone with their baby, Jenny.

allergies: mango, horse hair, latex

Mood: serious, but friendly and good to have a chat with
Attitude: Order und justice has to be provided to let the institution function like a healthy organism. People have to be treated like plants to make them learn, you have to care for them, water them, give them time andhelp if there is a problem.
Expressiveness: Strict mimics with a occasional smile or wink, he tells if something is not correct or if it is good; good at hiding if he is absolutely mad
When Happy: bringing cakes with him, telling stories and chatting lively
When Depressed: meditating in his room or searching for someone to talk to you for a while, always looking outside thoughtfully
When Angry: frowning, arms crossed, mouth just a line

Worst Nightmare: losing someone, Being underwater and able to get out, war again

Guilty Pleasure: watching trashy old movies

Favorite Colors: yellow, fire red, olive green
Favorite Pokémon: dragon pokémon, plant pokémon
Favorite Places in the Academy: Aurora's office (cookies and tea?), his house, greenhouses
Favorite Flavors: Banana, chili, curry, anise, peppermint
Favorite Foods: steak, chili con carne, Fish'n'Chips
Favorite Drinks: water, cola, whiskey
Favorite Genre: detective stories, mystery, thriller
Favorite Books: "The Shadow of the Wind" (Carlos Ruìz Zafon), "Under the Dome" (Steven King), "Duddits" (St. King), "Faceless Killers" (Henning Mankell)
Favorite Music: classical music, Spanish guitar, rock
Favorite Quotations: "No one saves you but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves may walk the path." (Buddha)

Languages: English (mothertongue, OK2), Greek (very good because of his wife, OK1), Hindi (MK6), French(MK7) , Chinese(OK1; lived there very long), Arabic(MK5), Russian    
                (MK7) --> He travelled long, long times around the world
Accent: British

-instrumental music, classic and jazz
-getting to know the world and people
-riddles, solving criminal cases
-reading, writing
-eastern cultures
-his Pokémon
-hiking, adventurous hiking (canyons etc.)
-his family (which he loves more than anything else)


-war and irrationality
-loudness, discourtesy
-being forbidden to eat sweet food
-children joking about politics and similar
-Pokémon abuse
-being criticized if there is no reason for it

Special facts:

-baking pies relaxes him; this is why his house always smells sweet and like honey
-he easily falls not only for his wife, but also if the police needs help to solve cases
-singing along with opera tapes is his secret passion
-admires if someone is good at craftsmanship or has green fingers
-concerts of jazz bands are the only events you can see him dancing
-his hammock is his shrine and only his Dragonair is allowed to accompany him into his meditation room
-he looks like an owl – he loves owls.


Pokémon 1: Dragonair, male
Level : 68
Nickname : Long
Nature : Impish

Pokémon 2: Salamance, male
Level: 60
Nickname : Meiji
Nature : Brave

Pokémon 3: Goomy, female
Level:  53
Nickname : Cupcake
Nature : Timid

Pokémon 4: Rayquaza  
Level: 46
Nickname : Ghandi
Nature : Gentle

Closest acquaintance(s):  Hyacinth Greenwood, Dorian Wordsworth, Stanley Vial, Aurora Sinclair, Alma Roth, Dr. Bridget Hopkins, Olanna Jackson, [Michael Lecter?]
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Penelope Dickinson (wife)  [1 daughter: Jenny Fireman, 7 years old]


Childhood: age 0 to 12

-born in Melbourne, Australia (at least what is considered to be Melbourne in our real world)
-Parents died in a car accident when he was 2 years old, they were really caring, his father a dentist, his mother a surgeon
-his twin sister and himself were brought to a orphanage, when they turned 6 they were adopted by an elderly English lady travelling through Australia
-living in London, attending public schools, but as he is a curious and rather quiet boy he is more likely to observe the other kids
-had not to deal with bullying or similar, but he had a strong sense to help others if help is needed and to convince people of what he thought a better alternative to what he bristeled at
-once his teacher wanted them to plan some play in elementary school what nobody wanted to do → he organised enthusiastically ( as possible as a eight-year-old child is able to) a counter movement
-read about pokemon in a book he had found in library → fascinated, dreamt of travelling there and finding those creatures; also infected his sister Mary with this fever, explored the city hoping to find pokemon as well

Teen: age 13 to 21

-attended a public middle school, but did not feel to fit in although he was head boy
-met his later wife at school, she was a Greek girl, Penelope, just having moved to London, became close friends and she was integrated in his circle of friends
-his foster mother showed them how much fun it is to travel → on one of their journeys he met his dragonair, he swam in the sea and enjoyed the quietness when he met him.
-First they hesitated, but somehow they felt that they'd become friends → stayed with each other even when he returned to England
-after those experiences abroad he couldn't bear his normal life, he longed for the world, for new cultures, Nathan was hungry for something new
-17: he quit school, took his packed bags, kissed his mum and sister goodbye and travelled without much money all over the world
-spend one year in a Chinese cloister located in the middle of the Himalaya with the monks
-travelled from country to country, getting to know new people and cultures and staying with them till he was 19
-returning to England he served the military for 7 years → he saw so much misery, so many grievances during that time that he was shocked by the world
→ wanted to understand and know the reasons for those
→ decided to finish school, quit the military and to study

Youngster: age 22 to 29

-22-26: military
-27-30: attending evening classes to get his graduation, visited his friends all over the world, exchanging letters too → found Meiji
-meeting his school friends again and voluntary member of several organisations fighting for human rights and similar → age of 33: got almost arrested during some human right demonstration against dictatorships; found Cupcake (his passion for baking and cooking was new and fresh so that he could not, but name it after his most beloved sweets

Adult: age 30 to ?

-31-36: studying politics and sociology  → allied with Penelope on some summer evening when they celebrated her birthday
-38: their little daughter Jenny was born
-37-44: doctoral studies in politics, during one oral talk on some congress he met Hyacinth who was impressed by his work and asked him to teach at his academy as he also appeared skilled to work with his pokemon
-45: teacher at the academy → finding Ghandi


*What do you like most about your job?*

(inspects the interviewer astonishedly and aligns his glasses) Well, is it so weird that I want to share my experiences with my students? They shall think about the global and local mechanisms and learn to criticize and observe the facts critically. (smiles amusedly)

*Is there someone particular you like?*

Of course (laughs heartily) it would be strange if I was married to m wife and would not love her. Moreover, my little princess always belongs to myself, she is a part of me. (Takes his cup of tea and drinks from it)

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Playing detective with my little Jenny, reading a good book, anything which makes my family and me happy. And to do so I sometimes bake cookies or similar. (winks and writes down a thought just come to his mind) Next question, please.

*Why do you always get distracted in class?*

I don't get distracted in class I just intend to teach you as much as possible about all facettes of the world. And this also includes the experiences I have gathered in my whole life.( chuckles)

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