Anastasija J. Mason [Articuno's Snowflakes]

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Anastasija J. Mason [Articuno's Snowflakes]

Post by Schmeva on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:12 am

*General Information*

First name: Anastasija Jekaterina
Last name: Mason
Sex: female
Age: 19
Birthday: 22nd December
Origin (Region, City):  Snowbelle City
Status (Teacher/Student):  Student, Articuno's Snowflakes
Courses: Astrology, Pokéstudies, Cooking, Swimming


Ethnicity: Caucasian (Russian)
Facial type: heart-shaped
Height: 1, 64m
Physique: skinny
Hair colour: bright blonde
Hairstyle: short bob, fringe combed to the left
Skin Colour: bright - pale ; rosy cheeks
Eye colour: bright, colourful blue
Cup Size: 75A
Blood Type: AB-
Clothing: elegant, longer bodyhugging dresses, long respectively ¾ sleeves, lace, motifs of ice and snow included, colours, blue, white, black; plateau shoes (extravagant)
Miscellaneous: necklace with an ice crystal pendant, pearl earrings, long fingernails coloured with nail polish, hand gloves made of lace

Voice: hoarse, alto/low, e.g., Jennifer Lawrence (  )

Allergies: /
Medication: medicine due to arrythmia
Phobias: Of being abandoned due to homosexuality, Eremophobia (of being oneself), Kakorrhaphiophobia (of failure)

Parents: Anushka Mason (mother, 46, former manager,now drilling her daughter), Michail Mason (father, 59, director of a company producing video games)

Closest acquaintance(s): Tamika Philipps, Carmen Cervantes Suazo, Josefine Mayer, Cosima Giuliani, Evelyn Tolkien, Ozan Ouerghi
Sexuality: homosexual
Love interest (+ status): Tamika Philipps (girlfriend)


Character traits: bitchy, fractious, touchy, arrogant, friendly if her shell is cracked, reserved, loyal, cold, direct, withdrawn

Habits: biting her lower lip and touching her hair if nervous, braiding flowers, painting her fingernails in all possible ways to calm down, going for a walk with Solnitschka every evening, secretly listens to the bros' band, going swimming every morning after having gotten up early, singing whenever she's working (tidying up etc.)

Interests and hobbies: cooking, ice skating, figure skating, ballet, reading, fashion, singing, china painting, participates in Pokémon contests

Guilty Pleasure: Metal and haute couture shoes

Favorite Colors: blue, orange, pink
Favorite Places at the Academy: the swimming pool, ...
Favorite Flavors: apple, salty, cardamom
Favorite Foods: Soljanka, Blini, Couscous salad
Favorite Drinks: tea, cappuccino, orange juice
Favorite Books: Weiße Nächte (Dostoljewski), fairy tales
Favorite Music: Pop, classical music

Mood: thoughtful, earnest
Attitude: "I may not lose." , "Please, don't make me come out of the closet." Ambitious
Expressiveness: introverted, it takes a long time to get to know her
When Happy: smiling, more talkative
When Depressed: cuddly,  even more silent, dreamy
When Angry: eyes squinted, ignores the person; If confronted cold and distanced

Languages: French, Russian (C2, native), English (C2), Polish (B2)
Accent: French and English: slightly Russian, in French also: Besançon region


Pokémon 1:  Smoochum, Name : Solnitschka, Lvl.1, female


Anastasija is an only-child, her father is the director of a company producing game consoles, her mother stays at home and used to be her manager when she was younger. She took part in several Pokémon competitions so that she has built up the mask made of her bitchy and nasty attitude. Therefore, she is a friendly and loyal  person on the inside once you have cracked her shell. Additionally, she never had many friends during her childhood because of private lessons in such a way as not to enable her to knit friendships very well – at least not if they come from lower social strata.
When she had been wandering through the forest when she had been 11 years old she had lost her way and had been desperate. After hours when she had almost given up and was freezing she met the little Smoochum, Solnitschka, who intended to warm her a little bit and led her out of the forest.


*What do you like most about your job?*

Eh yeah, you may learn for life, how to deal with different kinds of people and Pokémon. But my real "job" is to participate Pokémon contests.It makes me feel even closer to Solnitschka, we've become a actual team.

*Is there someone particular you like?*

H-how rude! Why do you ask something like that? W-well, there is someone, she's cute and... no, you should never ask me about it! *blushes and bites her lip, touches her hair, but crosses her arms in front of her chest*

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Meeting friends, going out, having some me-time... eh, nothing different from everyone else I guess. Can't you think of other questions? You asked everyone such questions! *eyes squinted, about to turn around*

*Why can't you be more friendly and smile?*

No. No, no, no, no. Call me if you're sane again. It's so rude, you should rethink your manners. *cold, smiles coolly and turns around to leave immediately*

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