Olanna Jackson [Secretary]

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Olanna Jackson [Secretary]

Post by Schmeva on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:35 am

*General Information*

First name: Olanna
Last name: Jackson
Sex: female
Age: 35
Origin (Region, City): Sandgem Town
Status: Staff, Secretary


Height: 1, 51m
complexion: dark (~ Afroamerican)
Physique: round, burly, womanly
Hair colour: dark brown
Hairstyle: bob, curly
Eye colour: brown
Clothing: colourful, patterns, blouses, skirts and long loose dresses
Miscellaneous: big earrings, necklaces and rings → wood, painted, pearls and jems


Character traits: dutiful and totally focuses on her duties, organised, able to multitask, your worst nightmare if you are lazy and don't work → persistent, hovers between depression, desperation and “aggression” if someone makes fun of her to bother her and dawdles on purpose, motherly, full of joie de vivre, caring, impulsive, gay, strong sense of justice, self-confident, passionate, loud, talks a lot

Habits: laughs a lot, listens to Carribbean/Latino and African music while working, unbelievable memory like an elephant, dances without repression, takes her little niece with her to work if her brother and his wife have to work late or have to travel somewhere (because Cynthia doesn't mind), singing loudly if she doesn't bother anybody by it, carries everything you need with her in her hand bag

Interests and hobbies: Tai chi, knitting, reads novels, blogging, playing with her niece, dancing, singing in a Jazz big band


Pokémon 1: Chimchar, Momo, Lvl. 8, male


Olanna grew up in a middle class family and had a happy childhood. She had no greater problems at school at least not with her class mates and did not let anybody harm her and her friends. From her family she learnt to care for others and be a nice person, so that she befriended Chimchar by accident when she was climbing a tree and grimacing.

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