Aurora Sinclair [Astro]

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Aurora Sinclair [Astro]

Post by DarkSlowbro on Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:09 pm

General Information
First name: Aurora
Last name: Sinclair
Sex: female
Age: 43
Origin (Region, City): Kalos, Snowbelle City
Status (Teacher/Student): Teacher, Articuno's Snowflakes
Subject: Astro (= Astrology + Astronomy)
Club: Literature club (together with Chester Wingless)

Height: 1,66m (without high heels)
Physique: slim, A-cup
Hair colour: blueish-black with grey parts coming through
Hairstyle: hip-length, straight, two large streaks from the front bound together behind her head and fixated with a silver hairslide
Eye colour: ice blue
Clothing: long dresses and skirts, cardigans, blouses, boots with high heels, broad leather belts worn around the waist
Miscellaneous: a lot of silver and aquamarine jewellery (one pair of earrings, one amulet, two bracelets), long oval nails always painted in an elegant glittery dark blue, mauve lipstick, surrounded by an aura of perfume that mostly smells like lilies

Character traits: friendly, caring, helpful, enthusiastic, empathetic, encouraging, committed
Habits: drinks a lot of tea, loves, likely to plan more than she can accomplish
Interests and hobbies: organising all kinds of events, reading novels, scientific books, poems, etc., writing, listening to music, playing the harp

Closest acquaintance(s): Hyacinth Greenwood, Alma Roth, Bridget Hopkins
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Gorm Olafson (romance)

1st Pokémon: Glaceon, Lvl. 68, female, Stella
2nd Pokémon: Abomasnow, Lvl. 55, male, Frosty
3rd Pokémon: Mamoswine, Lvl. 49, male, Boreas
4th Pokémon: Delibird, Lvl. 43, male, Claus

Aurora is one of Beauforêts teachers since the beginning. When Greenwood and Wordsworth founded the academy, the former (as her long-time friend) offered her a job. She then decided to give up her small tea shop in Snowbelle City and became the teacher for the subject "Astro", which is a combination of Astrology and Astronomy.

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