Stanley Vial [Chemistry]

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Stanley Vial [Chemistry]

Post by BlackArcanine on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:09 pm

Full Name: Stanley Vial
Nickname/Alias:  Stan-The-Man

Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual
Real Age: 28
Birthday: August 8th 19xx

Immediate Family: Father, Mother, Little Sister
Parenting: Loose
Upbringing: "Follow your dreams and be happy while doing so"
He was a sickly baby and born too early so his infancy was spend doing doctor visits. Not that he would remember any of that of course.

He was a happy child but his mother still shielded him a lot as he was prone to getting sick. He was allowed outside but only if he wore a mask and was dressed according to the weather. He has always been very curious and so one day as he heard movement from his neighbors trashcan he went to investigate. Inside it was a smaller than average Trubbish that was struggling to get out. He helped and the Pokemon followed him home afterwards. His mother was shocked that Stanley asked to keep a bag of trash as a pet but his father allowed it and even encouraged him to train and play with it.

His health got better and he could properly attend school. His father had already started to teach at Belleforêt and so Stanley didn't see his old man very often except during holidays. Whenever his father was home however he would tell stories of his time as a teacher and Stanley was smitten by them. He decided that he would work hard and become a teacher just like his father. So he went to school and made sure he would return with good grades. Just like his father he also showed a knack for chemistry. As he was old enough he decided to try and enroll at Belleforêt as a student and thanks to his father's influence he made it in. He was a very active student and stuck in the mind of the teachers he had as the sunshine in the class no matter how gloom everyone else was (especially during exams).

Stanley finished at Belleforêt at the age of 21 and graduated with good notes. He got a picture taken of himself how he shook Mister Greenwood's hand at the graduation ceremony. He still has it framed in his office. After that he went on to go to another school to train to become a teacher. He graduated there as well and during the time his father still taught at Belleforêt he did his own little projects. Finally at the age of 70 his father retired and now it is Stanley's turn to teach the students of Belleforêt all about chemistry and poison type Pokemon.

Ethnicity: Canadian
Facial Type: Egg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Ginger
Hairstyle: Long and Straight, tied to a ponytail during lessons
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Lanky
Height: 1,79m
Weight: 74kg
Facial Hair: n/a
Distinguishing Features: Big round glasses, freckles, small eyebrows (keeps burning them off somehow)

Allergies: Nuts, Garlic, Feathers

Style: Chaotic
Mode of Dress: As long as it is comfy it does the trick
Grooming: Clean
Habits and Mannerisms: Crumples nose to readjusts glasses, tries his best not to touch his face (even when not working with chemicals. It became a habit)

Mood: Gleefully Cheery
Attitude: "The World is great and I am happy to be in it"
Expressiveness: Very expressive in positive feelings. Rather keeps his worries inside though
When Happy:  Constant smiles, very excited
When Depressed: Keeps on smiling but much more calm
When Angry: No smile. You done fucked up now

Parents: Thedore Vial [71], Ednar Vial [53]
Siblings: Abigail Vial [33]
Friends: Everyone

Pokemon :
1. Bubblegum
Species: Trubbish
Gender: Female
Level: 56
Nature: Naiv

2. Bob
Species: Grimer
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Nature: Lax

3. Pitch
Species: Seviper
Gender: Male
Level: 78
Nature: Naughty

4. Sulphur
Species: Arbok
Gender: Male
Level: 78
Nature: Adamant

Wardrobe: Hawaii-shirts, Bermuda shorts, some long pants, a white lab coat
Accessories: round glasses, hairbands, vials (in his lab coat pocket)
Prized Possession: A vial he had gotten handed down from his father

Lovers: n/a
Marital Status: n/a

Occupation: Teacher
Work Ethnic: It's better to make errors and have fun than to be perfect and feel miserable
Rank: n/a

Etiquette: What every normal person would do
Culture: Canadian: Maple Sirup goes on everything, Friendliness and Kindness come a long way, "You think this is cold?"

Worst Nightmare: His father dies

Hobbies/Interests: Chemistry, Creating fun new Sodas through science, rummaging through trash to look for interesting things (How he found Bubblegum)
Skills/Talents: A bright mind, he can think very fast, he is very precise, he can feel the weight of thinks and guess them almost perfectly

- Apple Pie
- Cider
- Snow
- Maple Syrup
- Hokey
- Teaching

- Rain
- Garlic bread
- Not being able to eat any peanutbutter
- Grumps
- Arguments

Quirks: Humming the melody of every commercial he recently saw
Guilty Pleasure: Looking at cute, beautiful women when they pass by

Favorite Colors: Green, Purple, Yellow, Red
Favorite Pokemon: Poison Types
Favorite Places in the Academy: The Lab, The cafeteria, The trash bins behind the cafeteria
Favorite Flavors: Fruity, Sweet
Favorite Foods: Apple Pie, Pancakes, Roasted Potatos
Favorite Drinks: Cider, Ale, Sodas
Favorite Genre: Comedian
Favorite Books: The Discworld Novels
Favorite Music: Everything that has a catchy tune
Favorite Quotations: "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back."

Languages: English, French
Accent: Canadian

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