Michael Lecter [Psychology]

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Michael Lecter [Psychology]

Post by BlackArcanine on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:10 pm

Full Name: Michael Lecter
Nickname/Alias:  Mick

Gender: Male
Orientation: heterosexual
Real Age: 38
Birthday: May 30th 19xx

Immediate Family: Father
Parenting: Strict, unconventional
Upbringing: "An Open Mind opens many doors"
Michael was born into a fairly well set family. His mother being a teacher and his father a well known psychiatrist who taught at a prestigious university. His early years were fairly uneventful except for the fact that his father was always cold towards him.

He did not get many toys and was forced into the steps of his father early in life. He had to learn a lot and fast. He was fragile as a kid and still very expressive however he soon learned that shutting oneself out and keeping to himself was better than openly showing his parents what he thought. He also developed his fake smile around that time.

Michael went to a private school and learned under the strict eyes of his father. Along school his father also taught him in psychiatry and took him along to his second job as a profiler for the police. He got into contact with criminals early and started to analyze them on his father's order. He had a knack for it and was a natural however he soon surpassed his father who then started to be more scared by the young man that was his son.

After finishing his education Michael took over his father's job as profiler however he soon got bored by those "normal" criminals and that they displayed the same behavior all the time, even when it was a different person. So he went on and opened his own doctor's office. That was also the time where his parents made a trip and disappeared. Apparently they conducted a tropical illness that brought them to their end but there are no real records of such. However Michael did let them be proclaimed as deceased and so he inherited the family wealth as well as the house. He continued working in his field until he got a job offer at Belleforêt, since he was the best of his field at the time. He saw the opportunity to analyze fresh, young minds and so of course he gladly accepted.

Ethnicity: German
Facial Type: Rectangular
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hairstyle: Short, combed back and fixed with Pomade
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Average
Height: 2,12m
Weight: 107kg
Facial Hair: n/a
Distinguishing Features: Mole under his left (his side)eye

Allergies: Dust

Style: Formal
Mode of Dress: Cleancut and well fitting
Grooming: Clean and orderly
Habits and Mannerisms: Constant smile (not the good kind), unblinking

Mood: Undefined
Attitude: Other people are intersting
Expressiveness: Not very expressive. Prefers to keep his true feelings hidden
When Happy: A genuine smile and he actually closes his eyes
When Depressed: Still a smile but it is fake. Still no one can tell when he is down.
When Angry: Smile. very intimidating, hard around the eyes.

Parents: Mr. Lecter (deceased), Mrs. Lecter (deceased)
Siblings: n/a
Friends: "Friends are a psychological construct not actually needed"

Pokemon :
1. Schizophrenia
Species: Beheeyem
Gender: Male
Level: 74
Nature: Adamant

2. Stockholm
Species: Slowbro
Gender: Male
Level: 89
Nature: Quiet

3. Autism
Species: Hypno
Gender: Female
Level: 80
Nature: Calm

4. Bipolar
Species: Malamar
Gender: Male
Level: 54
Nature: Rash

Wardrobe: Suits, waistcoats, loads of polished shoes
Accessories: Pocket watch, Ties of different shades of purple
Prized Possession: His pocketwatch

Lovers: n/a
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Teacher
Work Ethnic: "If at first you don't succeed, intimidate them"
Rank: n/a

Etiquette: Proper gentleman etiquette
Culture: German: Punctual, Orderly, Strict, Precice

Worst Nightmare: Someone gets behind his facade and sees what is behind

Hobbies/Interests: Analyzing other people by looking at them and listening to them
Skills/Talents: Very fast thinker, good problem solving skill, can be very persuasive

- Calm
- Analyzing
- People watching
- A good Espresso
- Homemade meals
- People with strange disorders
- Dark Chocolate (as in 70% and up)

- Overly enthusiastic people (aka Stanley Vial)
- Coffee made from anything but freshly milled beans
- Sweets
- Dryfruit
- Headaches

Quirks: Constantly opens and closes his pocket watch as soon as it is in his hand
Guilty Pleasure: Making people cringe and squirm through his interrogations

Favorite Colors: Purple, Gray, Silver
Favorite Pokemon: Psychic Types
Favorite Places in the Academy: The yard, the cafeteria (good places for people watching)
Favorite Flavors: Bitter, Salty
Favorite Foods: Stew, Dark Chocolate, Roast with potatos
Favorite Drinks: Espresso, Coffee (black)
Favorite Genre: Thriller, Murder mystery, Horror
Favorite Books: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Favorite Music: Classic, Smooth jazz
Favorite Quotations: "The Good life is a process not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination."

Languages: English, German
Accent: German (not audible anymore)

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