Joaquim/Joana Vargas [Swimming]

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Joaquim/Joana Vargas [Swimming]

Post by BlackArcanine on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:12 pm

Full Name: Joaquim Vargas
Nickname/Alias: Joana

Gender: Female
Sex: Male
Orientation: Transexual/Pansexual
Real Age: 32
Age Appearance: 27
Birthday: September 30th 19xx

Immediate Family: Her older sister
Parenting: Rather free but pushed gender roles
Upbringing: Women stay at home and care for the children and men go out and work
Rather unspectacular. Her father went to work all day and her mother had a slight cleaning tick so her sister took care of her.

around the age of 5 Joana started to behave more girl like. She wanted to play with dolls and not with cars. This tendencies showed stronger the older she got. Her father didn't like that and so he took her dolls away, cut her hair and forced her to play football outside with the other boys.
In school she was picked on for behaving so girly and had a hard time making any friends at all. Her sister would always stand behind her and encourage her to express herself.

The hardest part in Joana's life. She now felt that she didn't belong and that she wanted to be a girl. She kept getting into conflicts with her father who force shaved her hair and prevented her from shaving. She had to wear her older brother's baggy clothes since she refused to buy any male clothing.
At the age of 16 her sister, who had always taken care of her left the house to move in and marry her boyfriend and now Joana was alone with her feelings. She found a bit of relief going to the beach which is where she found a stranded and injured Feebas. She hurried it home in a bowl of water and took care of it.
As she was 18 she was at the beach to let her Feebas swim freely. As the sun was shining on the water it sparkled and the fish started to glow and evolve into a beautiful Milotic. Joana was struck in awe and this was the moment she decided to change her life. She went home and told her parents that she would leave to life her own life, as a woman.

Joana moved out of her parents home with what she had saved up from not buying any clothes. She always lived near the coast and did part time jobs like babysitting or serving at an restaurant. She began to grow out her hair and found a doctor who would give her the receipt for hormones.
It took some time but finally she grew up to be a beautiful women, however she could never bring up the courage (or money for that matter) to make a complete gender change.
As she was serving in a catering service for an event at the Campus, one of the guests fell into the pool. Joana jumped in immediately and saved the poor man from drowning in his heavy clothing. Hyacinth saw this and offered Joana the spot of swimming teacher, since the last one had to retire due to a broken leg.
Joana, who had always looked up to her sister and how much she loved children and cared for them agreed, determined to do just as well as her! Little did she know she was actually dealing with college aged students but hei a stable job is a stable job right?

Ethnicity: Spanish
Facial Type: rectangular
Eye Color: Hazel brown
Hair Color: Honey Blond
Hairstyle: long, curly
Skin Tone: caramel
Complexion: clear
Build: Long legs, wide hips, prominent nose
Height: 1,82 m
Weight: 70 kg
Cup Size: C
Distinguishing Features: pink gloss lipstick and blue eyeshade

Allergies: Feathers, Dust
Medication: Female Hormones
Phobias: Arachnophobia (Spiders), Acrophobia (heights)

Style: Modern basic fashion, short cut out swimming fashion
Mode of Dress: Perfect to the last detail
Grooming: Very tidy, but not afraid to get dirty
Habits and Mannerisms: Twists her bracelet when she dwells in memory

Mood: She is almost always in a good mood
Attitude: She is nice to other people but she can give out a serious burn if need be
Expressiveness: Joana is very expressive, she never hides her emotions
When Happy: Skips steps and hums, sometimes even dances
When Depressed: Looking to the ground when walking, twisting her bracelet or tugging on her hair
When Angry: Stomping and muttering

Parents: Mr. Vargas (65), Mrs. Vargas (54)
Siblings: Celeste Autino (40), Antonio Vargas (38)
Friends: TBA with further rp
Pokemon :

1. Siren
Species: Primarina *
Gender: Male
Level: 69
Nature: Quirky

2. Ariel
Species: Milotic
Gender: Male
Level: 87
Nature: Gentle

3. Namaka
Species: Gyrados
Gender: Female
Level: 70
Nature: Impish

4. Poseidon
Species: Floatzel
Gender: Male
Level: 65
Nature: Timid

Wardrobe: Joana loves long summer dresses but she also loves hot pants and sleeveless tops. Since it gets cold in Kalos she also has an arsenal of layer capable clothes including several sweaters, wests and coats, knee socks and boots. Fro formal occasions she often wears a dress that fades from deep blue into white.
Accessories: Golden bracelet with red jewels (left wrist), several necklaces for different occasions, big creoles (only for fun night)
Prized Possession: Her golden bracelet. Her sister gave it to her before leaving.

Lovers: Lost lovers from her past.
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Swimming Teacher
Work Ethnic: She loves her job so she gives it her best everyday

Etiquette: She is well mannered but not the extend of a snob. If she has to be she can be lady but she can as well just hang in front of a couch in jogging pants all day and eat chocolate and crisps.
Culture: She loves the dancing culture of Brazil as well as American Hip-Hop dance
Influences: Her sister was her biggest influence

Worst Nightmare: Being forced back into living as a man, not being accepted as who she is.

- Dancing (Sambe, Hip-Hop, Bellydance)
- Swimming
- Fashion
- Styling
- Make up (she awes make-up artists who can do real miracles to a person's face)

- Dancing
- Swimming

- Dancing
- Swimming
- Her dearest Milotic
- Spain
- The sun
- Warmth
- Girls nights
- Clubbing
- Karaoke

- Cold weather (she just isn't used to it)
- Ignorant people
- Victim Shaming
- Deserts
- Guys who just don't get the meaning of the word "no"
- One of her girls being bothered by guys

Quirks: She tucks her hair behind her ear just to pull it out again immediately. She has a hate love relationship with her hair covering her ear.
Guilty Pleasure: Shopping Lingerie

Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, Cyan, White
Favorite Pokemon: Lumineon, Milotic, Azurill, Magikarp, Gyrados
Favorite Places at the Academy: The pool, the yard (just to chill and watch students pass by)
Favorite Flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio
Favorite Foods: Fish (call it cruel but she can't deny it), chips, spicy foods, traditional Spanish cuisine, ice cream, chocolate
Favorite Drinks: Wine (red and white), Fruit Juices, Flavored Milk
Favorite Books: The little Mermaid
Favorite Music: Latina, Hip-Hop
Favorite Quotations: TBA

Languages: Spanish, English, French
Accent: Spanish
Voice: depsite taking hormones her voice stayed low

Anzahl der Beitr├Ąge : 27
Anmeldedatum : 2015-05-29
Alter : 26

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