Audrey Collins [Suicune's Waters]

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Audrey Collins [Suicune's Waters]

Post by BlackArcanine on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:15 pm

Full Name: Audrey Susanna Collins
Nickname/Alias: None yet

Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 19
Birthday: August 4th

Audrey grew up in a rather normal family but her knack for sports showed early. Especially swimming and American football were her thing. Wherever there was water she would jump in and start to swim. Her parents always supported her and wrote her up for clubs in town so she could live out to her potential.
That was until her little brother was born. After that Audrey started to feel ignored because her little brother got all the attention and she started to become a bit of a trouble child. She stopped going to school and would only attend her club meetings every once in a while.
This lead to her being kicked out and falling into a deep depression in her mid school years. She started cutting herself and hung out with the wrong crowd. She even considered starting taking drugs.
Thankfully that stopped as she was 16 and her little sister was born. The little babbling ball always wanted to be close to Audrey, who of course tried to push her away as best as she could, but in the end she got soft and that little ball of joy became her new inspiration. She stopped hanging out with the crowd and went back to doing sports. She went to a sports school to make up for the time she skipped school and there she got the great chance: A scholarship at the Academy BeauforĂȘt. She took her opportunity right away. Of course it was hard to leave her family home when she went to Kalos but she writes them regularly and they skype at least once a month.

Ethnicity: American
Facial Type: Round
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: black
Hairstyle: Short and unruly
Skin Tone: pottery (reddish, slightly brown)
Build: Short and Slims
Height: 1,67 m
Weight: 62 kg
Cup Size: A
Birthmarks/scars: Birthmark on her back

Mood: Mostly in a good mood
Attitude: Competitive. She loves challenges and is always up for some crazy competition/bet
Expressiveness: rather expressive although she tries to hide "bad" emotions (sadness, anger)

Parents: Mr. Collins (45), Mrs. Collins (37)
Siblings: Kevin Collins (12), Kelly Collins (3)
Friends: TBA
Pokemon :

1. Samba
Species: Lotad
Gender: Female
Level: 10
Nature: Quirky

Wardrobe: Audrey loves sporty clothes, she also likes boy's clothes. She often wears a sports jacket although she started to wear her personal one only for casual meetings outside campus and wears one with her house's emblem inside campus and to competitions. As for formal clothing she often comes back to a simple neck tied top and skirt. She never wears high heels, she just can't walk on them.

- Sports (Running, Biking, Boxing, Football)
- Swimming
- Pro Wrestling (aka WWE)
- Gaming
- Cooking

- Sports
- Sport injuries
- Competition
- Bets
- Video games
- Cooking for friends
- water
- Guys/Girls with tattoos

- Barbie (personal hatred)
- Make-up
- Homework
- Small/crowded spaces
- ready made food
- Starbucks

Courses: Swimming, Sports, Nature studies, Poke studies
Clubs: Swimming, Sports

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