Ivan Medwedew [Almoner]

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Ivan Medwedew [Almoner]

Post by Schmeva on Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:21 am

*General Information*
First name: Ivan
Last name: Medwedew
Sex: male
Age: 39
Origin (Region, City): Opelucid City
Status: Almoner

Height: 1,79 m
Physique: thin, onepack
Hair colour: Hazel brown
Hairstyle: shoulder-length, straight → beginning bald patch, mostly tied in a pony tail, red
Eye colour: dark grey
Clothing: pullovers, jeans, cool colours, t-shirts
Miscellaneous: old diggi watch, Johnny Cash-hat

Character traits: empathetic, trustworthy, helpful, caring, fighter, welcoming/heartily, does anything for those who need his support, assertive, talkative
Habits: solving crossword puzzles if bored, leaving the door opened so that everybody can drop by to chat, taking a nap for half an hour every midday, drinking tea
Interests and hobbies: reading, playing the bongos, history, psychology, nature, hiking

Closest acquaintance(s):
Sexuality: bisexual
Love interest (+ status):

1st Pokémon: Slowpoke, Montessori, Lvl. 29, female


degree in education
worked at a flat share for teenagers → supported by the youth welfare office
applied for the job when he was searching for his identity
wants to make the students a good life possible

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