Skye Ellen [nurse]

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Skye Ellen [nurse]

Post by Schmeva on Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:46 pm

General Information
First name: Skye
Last name: Ellen
Sex: female
Age: 25
Origin (Region, City): Kalos, Santalune City
Status: nurse

Height: 1,69 m
Physique: a bit chubby, A-cup
Hair colour: caramel brown
Hairstyle: long, centre parting, pony tail
Eye colour: baby blue
Clothing: wears skirts figured with flowers and pumps, mostly very bright and summer-like colours except Bridget scolds her for doing so → if too cold she wears thick pullovers and trousers
Miscellaneous: studs, decent makeup, silver necklace → pendant with a blue stone

Character traits: clumsy, well tempered, obedient concerning Bridget and easily to scare → wants to make her proud, friendly, calm, caring, empathetic, romantic and dreamy
Habits: apologizing 100 times, pinches a bit of chocolate every night, sleep walking, taking much time cooking, gives every student a lollipop when he or she is healthy respectively fixed again
Interests and hobbies: cooking, reading, playing tennis, medicine, working with children, art, hangigng out with friends

Closest acquaintance(s):
Sexuality: bisexual
Love interest (+ status): single

1st Pokémon: Clefairy, June, Lvl. 18, female


grew up in a middle class family
always interested in becoming a doctor, but not enough money → Nurse
her mother knew Cynthia via a friend so that she got to know about the offer → applied

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