Theobald Van Hoven [Librarian]

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Theobald Van Hoven [Librarian]

Post by DarkSlowbro on Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:22 pm

General Information
First name: Theobald ("But just call me Theo.")
Last name: Van Hoven
Sex: male
Age: 51
Origin (Region, City): Kalos, Couriway Town (originally from whatever Region equals the Netherlands)
Status: Librarian

Height: 1,88m
Physique: slender
Hair colour: grey with a hint of dirty blonde
Hairstyle: chin-length, messy, two strands of hear tied back
Eye colour: greyish-blue
Clothing: casual, comfortable, "retired hippie"-style
Miscellaneous: large glasses, silver wedding ring with celtic knots on his left ring finger

Character traits: friendly, chaotic, enthusiastic, inquisitive, helpful
Habits: loves listening to old records, often reads in a book until he realises that it's already 2AM
Interests and hobbies: reading, music, taking long walks, camping

Closest acquaintance(s): Marlene Van Hoven, Hyacinth Greenwood, Alma Roth
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Marlene Van Hoven (married, 2 children: Vanessa (28), Johann (25))

1st Pokémon: Spinda, Lvl. 78, male, Jimi



What do you like most about your job?
Oh, well, there's actually quite a lot. (Laughs a bit awkwardly.) I get to meet a lot of people, I'm working with books - you know, sometimes when there's no student in need of help, I simply sit down somewhere and read - errr, I am close to my wife... Well, she's not that close, to be honest, but it's not a long way to the canteen... I think you could say it's the best job imaginable for me.

Is there someone particular you like?
My wife, of course. My lovely Leni... uh, better never call her like that. She's my little angel. I really don't know what I'd do without her. And there are so many other lovely people around here at Beauforêt, no doubt about that. Especially good old Hyacinth. You see, we used to meet almost annually at festivals or similar events back in the day. (Sighs.) Oh, good old times... Oh wait, I guess you meant it that way, right? Yes, in that case, only my wife. And our children. Not that we love them like... oh well, you know what I'm trying to say, aren't you? (Nervously plays with his fingers.)

What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?
Leni and I, we often go out for a walk or sometimes we grab a tent and go into the forest to stay away for one night. It's a lot of fun and our Pokémon love it, as well.

How is your relationship with the other librarian?
Is she here!? (Drops a short staple of books he was holding.) Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. (Picks up the books.) Please excuse me for my behaviour. Well, she's a nice lady on the inside, I bet, but she's always that cold and I feel like she hates me for some reason. I'm really glad she doesn't drop by that often. Maybe she just needs some more love to thaw up. But I must admit, I'm a bit afraid of her...

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