Miriam Catsteen [Rayquaza's Prides]

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Miriam Catsteen [Rayquaza's Prides]

Post by Schmeva on Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:22 am

*General Information*

First name: Miriam
Last name: Catsteen
Sex: female
Age: 19
Birthday: 15th October
Origin (Region, City):  Cyllage City
Status (Teacher/Student): Student, Rayquaza's Prides
Courses: Politics, Philosophy, Biology, Astro


Ethnicity: Caucasian (Irish-French)
Facial Type: square, thin
Height: 1,73m
Physique: slender, average
Hair colour: ginger
Hairstyle: long dreads → mostly in an up-do, bandana
Eye colour: sea blue
Skin colour: pale
Cup Size: 75B
Blood Type: B+
Clothing: wide and long skirts, skinny shirts, no bra – NEVER
Miscellaneous: ear-widening earring, necklace with peace-pendant, shorter necklace with a spiry pendant, girls' elastic collar (like we possessed in elementary school), piercing left eyebrow, a number of bracelets and wristlets, tattoo serpentine around her right upper arm

Voice: darker, rough, booming, e.g. Sandra Bullock (  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHawbCw1amQ  )

Allergies: poison of insects
Medication: /
Phobias: Lockiophobia, Lygophobia


Parents: Nicolas Delune (father, 53, surgeon), Katherine Catsteen-Delune (mother, 51, human rights activist)
Siblings:  Leon (13), Charlotte (18), Rafael (22), Manuel (23), Adrien (25)


Closest acquaintance(s): Gabriella Juerda Herce, Jessica Chakrabarti, Cassandra Watson, Cosima Giuliani (?), Etienne Gaillard (?), Penelope Bishop
Sexuality: bisexual
Love interest (+ status): single


Character traits: stubborn, bitchy, consequent, unbending, serious, honest, cool, friendly, your worst enemy if you exaggerate with gender stereotypes, supportive, sensitive, altruistic,  courageous

Habits: demonstrating and provoking with statements, actions and signs, investigating the nature, reading her horoscope every morning, playing with necklaces if nervous or bored, too careful so that she throws food away if the expiration date has passed, vegetarian

Interests and hobbies:  history, astrology and astronomy, philosophy, bioproducts, politics, acting, technology, playing with Pokémon, fighting for the world, volunteering, reading, playing football

Guilty Pleasure: collecting airplane models

Favorite Colors: lime green, sunny yellow, fiery red
Favorite Places at the Academy: the library, music room, among the trees
Favorite Flavors: vanilla, stracciatella, paprika, onions
Favorite Foods: broccoli casserole, spaghetti with courgette, pancakes
Favorite Drinks: coconut water, almond milk, tea
Favorite Books: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Momo, Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (Judith Butler)
Favorite Music: Reggae, Country

Mood: happy, relaxed
Attitude: "Only equality can make a better world." Optimistic, combat-ready
Expressiveness: moderate, depends on the situation.
When Happy: making music, more merciful in arguments, maybe even squealing
When Depressed: reading with her blanket pulled over her head, no will to provoke
When Angry: explosive, stubborn, firing at the others without breaks in arguments

Languages: English, French, Persian
Accent: Irish


Pokémon 1: Vibrava, female, Joana, Lvl.1


She grew up as the youngest of 6 children (4 brothers, 1 sister) in a upper class family, her father a surgeon and her mother a human rights activist. She never was the type of girl liking boys as she disliked all the advantages the boys had in contrast to the girls. All those developments made her become a fighter for equality supported by her Vibrava, Joana, which she found hiking.


*What do you like most about your job?*

To fight for equality of course! Otherwise, even students would not realise that injustice!

*Is there someone particular you like?*

Not that I knew. It has to be a very special snowflake which respects my whole femininity and equality if I ever chose to be in a relationship. Or a girl which does not decry herself or denies her own value. *smiles and crosses her legs, drink from her bottle of green tea*

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

Club activities. Practicing with our reggae band. Using the time to do anything I want and to help other people.

*You don't like wearing a bra?*

Why? Are you embarrassed by my boobs?  Aw, poor lil' kid.  Become an adult and watch my femininity and nature! *ruffles her hair, pulls her shirt up to shock the interviewer and makes her faint*

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