Evelyn Tolkien [Suicune's Waters]

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Evelyn Tolkien [Suicune's Waters]

Post by Schmeva on Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:55 pm

*General Information*

First name: Evelyn Miu (Ivy preferred) (pronunciation: /ˈiːvlɪn/ )

Last name: Tolkien
Sex: female
Age: 18
Birthday: 7th July
Origin (Region, City):  Coumarine City in Kalos (born in: Celadon City, Kanto, stayed there until she was 8 )
Status (Teacher/Student): Student, Suicune's Waters
Courses: Swimming, Philosophy, Literature, Music


Ethnicity: Caucasian (English/British -- Japanese)
Facial Type: oval with tendency to square (small mouth, relatively big almond eyes)
Height: 1,53m
Physique: slender, womanly, short
Hair colour: green (dark kokiri green) [originally bright blonde]
Hairstyle: kind of bob, two streaks long at the front, the rest shorter and at the same length
Eye colour: dark blue
Skin colour: bright, slightly pink cheeks
Cup Size: B
Blood Type: B positive
Clothing: dresses, skirts, corset from time to time, boots/ballerinas/shoes with heels --> kinda Bohemian, from hippie, to Rock, girly, elegant... mostly heels
Miscellaneous: tattoo of sakura flowers on her back, necklaces, 3 earrings per ear, dark red and purple lip stick, brace-/anklet

Voice: girlish, calm --> e.g. Emma Watson; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-iFl4qhBsE

Allergies: dust, fish
Medication: /
Phobias: Gelotophobia, demophobia, ereuthrophobia, glossophobia, katagelophobia, later on: carcinophobia, losing someone

Parents: Mr. Yusei Sato (49) (left her mother before marriage, but after Ivy was born), Ms. Alice Katy Tolkien (41) (dies with 42 1/2 of leukaemia)
Siblings:  /
Granparents: Akiyama Sato (84) & Julie Sato (75) (her mother had a good relationship to Akiyama despite the breakup), Diana Tolkien (85)
Aunt: Jenna Tolkien (33) + boyfriend Francis (31) + cousin Tyler (19)

Closest acquaintance(s): Robin Mallory, Zachary Morton, Drew Fitzpatrick, Carl Fraser, Ashley Bell, Nicole Bertrand, Ozan Ouerghi, Kiano Firechild, Jessica Chakrabarti, Audrey Collins, Cassandra Watson, Cho Graceling [suggestions? Cosima, Tamika, Carmen??]
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Zachary Morton [boyfriend] (Later husband)


Character traits: sarcastic, humorous, melancholic, thoughtful, kind, free-thinking, caring, sweet, stubborn, creative, dreamy, clever, gay, curious, shy apart from the stage, insecure , neurotic in certain situations, hard-working, ambitious, hates if people insist on stressing her short height --> heels

Habits: moving her lips and tongue without a sound when she listens to music, talking to herself from time to time when she is angry, always wears dresses and skirts even in winter (preferably purple, green or blue), night owl, reads while walking, notes ideas and what-to-does on her wrist, analysing people, playing with her pencils if she thinks so that they often fly through the air and hit people, inventing satirical songs depending on the people and situations, adopting words from other languages, need to help everyone

Interests and hobbies:  writing poems and stories, acting, drawing, slacklining, ice skating, philosophy, dancing, reading, playing the guitar, biology and chemistry, archaeology, art, observing secrets, singing and sewing(cosplay!)

metal and reggae music
cute things
people who stand by their opinion
watching/listening other people creating something (like lyrics, music, paintings...)
books, comics/manga and old libraries (smell of books)
playing instruments, writing
watching the train in the dark
spending time with Beatrice and her friends


arrogant people, barbie dolls and similar
mistreating Pokémon
being surrounded by too many people / being watched by too many people if not on stage
Carl's surprises
horror movies
techno music
getting no feedback if something was not good
people offending her friends
her father

Guilty Pleasure: unusal music

Favorite Colors: green, magenta, purple, blue (turquoise, bright blue)
Favorite Places at the Academy: the weirdos' hide-out, the theatre's storage room, the swings, the library
Favorite Flavors: cinnamon, chocolate, blueberries, cherry, teriyaki, honey
Favorite Foods: chickenteriyaki and rice, thai curry, calzone, chocolate, mochi, börek
Favorite Drinks: ice tea, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juice
Favorite Books: The Hobbit, The Name of the Wind,Dornröschenschlaf, Kassandra
Favorite Music: Metal, Reggae, alternative

Mood: happy, but often thougthful and sometimes even melancholic
Attitude: understanding/empathetic
Expressiveness: expressive, but does not intend to bother her friends with bad emotions so that she hides in a more or less unused place like the storage room of the school theatre
When Happy: smiling, dancing
When Depressed: cuddly,  often sitting on her bed staring out into the rain hugging a pillow, listening to music, hiding in the theatre's storage room, sometimes writing
When Angry: catty, chafing at it, sometimes even stubborn

Languages: Japanese, English (native, C2), French (C1, moved there), Italian
Accent: In English: British English/London accent, Japanese: Tokyo , French: Region of Caen


Pokémon 1: Marill, Lvl. 1, female, Beatrice


Evelyn is an only-child and lives with her mother, a nurse, in a small flat. When she was very small she had seen her father,manager of a game company, bringing home other women making out when her mother was gone working so that she felt confused, not understanding why something was happening which was not right. Once in a while her mother had noticed Ivy was acting weird not only being ill so that her mother stayed at home as she thought her husband was away and was able to catch him cheating on her. They got divorced and her mother cared for her alone so that she went working most of the time.
Evelyn was supposed to  stay with her aunt and granny some time of the day where she learnt to love acting  and to work for it even though she was bullied and lost her voice for some time, locked it away. She received her Marill when she was 12 to stay strong so that they befriended each other and could not be without each other.
When she graduated she applied for a scholarship at Belleforêt. The letter of acceptance made her jaw drop as she would have never expected to receive such a chance -- her mum threw a little family flat 'party' because of joy. Moreover,when she and her mother moved away because of her work she was to attend the academy not to stay alone all day and possibly change to the negative out of boredom. (Her mother would have never guessed that her daughter would really befriend the troublemakers of the academy.)


*What do you like most about your job?*

The café? Eh... I guess my colleagues and the clothes we have to wear, often also some of the customers who are polite and enjoy chilling out at the café. Concerning school... (brushes her hair with her right hand, smiles) acting and learning. I mean... there are so many interesting subjects... how should I not like it? (smiles dreamily)

*Is there someone particular you like?*

W-What?! Why do you ask something like that? (blushes, smiles lot in thought)  Of course, there is someone, he is cute and clever and talented and... (her voice rises in pitch and becomes shocked) why do I tell you something like thaaaaaat?

*What do you usually do on a free Saturday or Sunday evening?*

I spend my Saturday on club activities with all my friends. Dancing, acting and band activities... and everytime I can see my homies! What could be better? (rubs her occiput with a smile) On Sundays... chilling out, talking, listening ti music, writing... maybe meeting a special someone.... (blushes embarrassed again)

*Why is your hair green? You look like a Kokiri!*

(her voice becomes huffy and choked and insecure again, pitch raised, almost shocked) What do you mean by that again?!

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