Angus Maxwell [Economics]

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Angus Maxwell [Economics]

Post by DarkSlowbro on Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:46 pm

General Information
First name: Angus
Last name: Maxwell
Sex: male
Age: 52
Birthday: 14th May 19XX
Origin (Region, City): Kalos, Lumiose City
Status (Teacher/Student): Teacher, Jirachi's Gears
Subject: Economics
Club: debate club (together with Nathan Fetherstone)

Height: 1,79
Physique: stout
Hair colour: grey with a bit of copper mixed in
Hairstyle: chin-length, wavy // goatee + thin moustache
Eye colour: steel blue
Clothing: brown suit, greyish-blue shirt, grey tie, light-brown shoes and belt, black horn-rimmed glasses
Miscellaneous: freckles all over his body

Character traits:
Interests and hobbies:

Closest acquaintance(s):
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Charlotte Banson (girlfriend)
Mother: Isla Maxwell (70), farmer
Father: Glenn Maxwell (72), farmer
Grandmother: Myra Maxwell (88), farmer
Grandfather: Connor Maxwell (89, farmer, deceased)
Ex-wife: Caitlin Hamilton (50)
Daughter: Brianna Maxwell (27, CEO of a renowned brand for Pokémon toys)

1st Pokémon:
2nd Pokémon:
3rd Pokémon:
4th Pokémon:


During his bachelor studies Angus met fellow student Caitlin Hamilton, who he married right after finishing his study programme. When they had their daughter Brianna, Caitlin decided to look after her until she was old enough to look after herself while Angus kept on studying. After obtaining his master's degree in economics, he went for higher goals. He did his PhD and later became a professor, henceforth teaching at several universities.
At some point in his life he met Hyacinth Greenwood, who suggested him to start teaching at Belleforêt. Angus has been teaching there ever since the beginning of the academy.
Concerning him and Caitlin, what had started as a passionate relationship years ago slowly developed into war between the two. After his first year at Belleforêt, she filed for divorce. Angus realised afterwards that Caitlin was, as he likes to put it now, 'a heartless, money-grubbing spitfire'. He usually starts shuddering at the mere mentioning of her name. His relationship with his daughter, however, is a very loving one. He supports her at any given moment and likes to proudly brag with her achievements.

Favorite Colours:
Favorite Pokémon:
Favorite Places in the Academy:
Favorite Flavours:
Favourite Scents:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Genre:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Quotations:

Nationality: Scottish
Ethnicity: white
Mother tongue: English
Further spoken languages: French, German, Japanese
Accent: Scottish (mostly got rid of it, but still rolls the <r> slightly)
Voice: baritone

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