Vasili KUZNETSOV / Vaas [Cooking]

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Vasili KUZNETSOV / Vaas [Cooking]

Post by luluds on Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:45 pm

Full Name: Vasili (Vaas) KUZNETSOV or Василий  Кузнецо́в
Nickname/Alias: Fluff. (if you want to die)
Meaning: KUZNETSOV means Son of a blacksmith
Title: Sir (knighted for his many banquets to royalties and services to military and Humanitarian efforts)
Signature: He has a very beautiful calligraphy styles handwriting for his guests but has a lightning fast handwriting for his students and notes. His signature is a single V, impressive and recognisable. Unimmitable

Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual with homosexual attraction underneath
Real Age: 32
Age Appearance: 25 thanks to a very healthy diet and work he looks stunning.
Birthday: 12th of February XXXX
Birthplace: Born in Johto where his mother was but then moved to Sinnoh with his father.

Immediate Family: His father raised him during his early years, stayed in the northern countries he came from.
Parenting: he had strict parenting from his father

Upbringing: he grew up by the firm belief that to grow he had to be forced into a situation where he had to work hard and hone his skills to escape danger. Forged in flames

Infancy: he was a very cheerful kid but his father was force training him to walk and understand things so he was already somewhat talking and walking fully normally by 2 yo.

Childhood: [3-12]
He continued his strict upbringing. His father eventually gave him his first pokemon. A young ninetails that he had given to the young Vaas to protect him from the cold. At 9 yo his father disappeared and Vaasjust accepted his fate and decided to fight his way to live. He had a passion for cooking meat and making food for himself and Kyumei. At this age he met his second best friend. Grim the houndour. Grim and Kyumei became  very close.

Adolescence: ([13-17] Teen years)
He used fight money that had gotten to start following real cooking lessons in restaurants and he start working there too. He was learning very broadly and his focused nature made him very good at the entire art of cooking but he had a lot of work to do. He soon starts to get more into fighting, strengthening his team. So he became a very good fighter, famous for his fiery duo that won most battles.
Eventually he managed to buy his way to Kalos where the restaurants at first shunned him so there he focused on raising his notoriety. Learning from teachers in the local cafes of Kalos. He got Houndoom’s mega stone and a mega activator, a bracelet, from the mega towerthat he has since modified.

Adulthood: ([18+]
At 18 until 20 the young man was focused on fighting. He went to work in Unova and there he managed to meet and capture a new ally to his team. The unpredictable Volcarona. Some time passed and his passion for battle turned to cooking again, now by using his pokemon’s abilities to their fullest to hone his cooking skills. He quickly then rose throught the battling  and cooking society. He briefly became a elite 4 member for Kalos, replacing the usual leader while she had a important event to attend to.
He commuted often between Kalos and Unova.

At age 30 he had a triple star ranked restaurant in Kalos, respected as a culinary genius. He had acquired the trust of the encient dragon deity of fire who respected his desire to help people by the way of food.

He taught the café trio in Unova how to cook. They were his first pupils. Now he is very honnored to come to the school.

Coming of Age: When his father disappeared, letting him fend for himself.
Evolution: he has focused on his skill but through it all his social side has

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Russian
Blood Type: A-
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous, trained himself to be ambidextrous to be able to excell
Facial Type: oval and sharp
Eye Color: his eyes are golden
Hair Color: A fiery red color
Hairstyle: Rather short haircut that often hides part of his face . He sometimes ties his hair up when cooking seriously revealing some slight burns on his right face. Nothing major but the blemishes are visible. He can hide it with make up but he doesn’t like to do it often.
Skin Tone: pale
Complexion: clear
Makeup: Concealer and others to hide burns but nothing more
Body Type: Endomorph, Ectomorph/Mesomorph
Build: Long leg and rather tal appearance in general
Height: 1m87
Weight: 80 Kg
Cup Size: AAAAA
Facial Hair: none
Shoe Size: 43
Birthmarks/scars: He has a few burns here and there, proff of his long years of fighting and training around fire and cooking ustensils.
Distinguishing Features: his unique red hair

Health: Very healthy
Energy: Enough for a very long day of work.
Memory: He has photographic memory for recipes and his calendar but not for his social interactions
Senses: his sense of touch is sometimes a little lessened.
Allergies: Alergic to Pennicilin
Handicaps: his knees hurt sometimes after a small accidentthat even he can’t remember
Medication: Energy pills if he’s got long shifts
Phobias: Personal failure. Not succeeding in doing what he should. Claustrophobic in darkness
Addictions: Chocolate and pillows
Mental Disorders: Depressive

Style: He dresses often in his chef clothes but outside he often wears rather relaxed Hipster clothes
Mode of Dress: Everything he wears is worn as tightly as possible, tucked and folded at the edge unless he starts cooking seriously. His dressing is then far more decontracted when he is creative.
Grooming: Very clean.
Posture: He is relaxed yet always straight.
Gait: He can walk fast but in normal situation hejust walks at an above average speed
Coordination: has fast reflexes and selectively strong muscles. Good Upperbody but not a good runner.
Habits and Mannerisms: He often fold his thumb into his fist (that he can dislodge) and looks intensely at whetever bothers him.
Scent: he smells of spices. Always and the strength depends on what and when he cooked.

Mood: calm and collected or fiery temper in the kitchen
Attitude: Rather detached and looking a bit distance. Is a little kinder to students
Stability: a little bipolar
Expressiveness: Openly aggressive in the kitchens while he can be very introvert out of the kitchen
When Happy: He gives a soft smiles and mostly smile with his eyes
When Depressed: Locks himself in a room with his pillows and thinks before going to cook and create
When Angry: yells and insults creatively, but never without reason

- Kyumei, Ninetails Male.  
- Grimm, Houndoom Male.
- Sonja, Volcarona  
- Draken, Charizard

- Reshiram


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