Hyacinth Greenwood [Nature Studies] [Headmaster]

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Hyacinth Greenwood [Nature Studies] [Headmaster]

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General Information
First name: Hyacinth
Last name: Greenwood
Sex: male
Age: 51
Origin (City, Region): Kiloude City, Kalos
Status (Teacher/Student): Teacher (headmaster), Celebi’s Petals
Subject: Nature Studies
Club: Gardening club

Height: 1,86m
Hair colour: silvery grey
Hairstyle: very long (to the buttocks), side-parting
Eye colour: light greyish blue

Character traits: kind, caring, empathetic,
Interests and hobbies:

Closest acquaintance(s):
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status):

1st Pokémon: Leafeon, Lvl. 100, female, Narcissa
2nd Pokémon: Lilligant, Lvl. 89, female, Lillian
3rd Pokémon: Roserade, Lvl. 76, female, Roselyn
4th Pokémon: Bellossom, Lvl. 68, female, Margaret


His house on the academy’s campus is a somewhat bigger luxury version of a Provençal cottage with only the ground floor. It features an open kitchen that is connected to the living room, a dining room, a bathroom, and a large garden.

His actual mansion, Greenwood Manor, is approximately one hour by car from the campus near the borders of Kiloude City. The old building has been in the Greenwood family’s possession since many generations and was inherited by Hyacinth after the death of his parents. He grew up in Greenwood Manor and spent most of his time in its walls and in its garden.
The baroque mansion features four storeys including the ground floor and a cellar. The various rooms are all quite large and the ceilings are exceptionally high. The impressive garden has a fountain, a small maze made of hedges, several statues, and a large variety of trees and flowers, as well as a small vegetable patch. For cold winter days, there is a conservatory connected to the building.
The storeys are can be accessed via a large staircase or a small old-fashioned lift.

Cellar: wine vault, pantry
Ground level: entrance hall, kitchen, guest toilet, dining room, living room, parlour, conservatory, garden
1st floor: bathroom, library, bedroom, music room, artist’s atelier, home office, living room
2nd floor: bedroom, bathroom, living room

The staff working at the mansion include housemaids, cooks, gardeners (although Hyacinth likes to take care of the plants himself), butlers, a chauffeur, and Timothy, a young man of 24 years and the main butler who is in charge of everyone else

The accident
Hyacinth is very strict when it comes to mentioning his accident in the mountains. Since he highly wants to avoid any fake or exaggerated pity from his upper-class acquaintances (or people in general), he keeps the loss of his left leg a secret to most people. The only people who know about it are some teachers at the academy and his staff.

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