Dorian Wordsworth [Literature][Vice Headmaster]

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Dorian Wordsworth [Literature][Vice Headmaster]

Post by BlackArcanine on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:08 pm

Full Name: Dorian Siegfried Wordsworth
Nickname/Alias:  Dory (don't...just don't call him that in public)

Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Real Age: 45
Birthday: 30th November 19xx

Immediate Family: Nannies, butlers, and private teachers
Parenting: strict
Upbringing: Order is the highest power on earth. Chaos is your worst enemy
Shortly after birth Dorian's parents went back to working and so he was mostly brought up by his nannies. His mother only left bottles of her own milk to feed him but for the rest he had very little contact with his parents in his infancy.

As soon as he could walk and talk a lot of pressure was put on him. he was brought up in three languages by different nannies and teachers and with the age of 8 had to start to take violin and piano lessons. He was always pushed to his limits and supposed to ace all his classes. He didn't have any real friends but one of his nannies had found an Eevee on her way to work and decided to bring it along. The young boy and the Pokemon became friends right away and after persuading his parents he was allowed to keep it as long as it didn't "litter on the carpet or destroy the interior".

Elementary school was private at home but for high school his parents sent him to a private high school. His already scarce contact with his parents got even less and he was pushed to be the best on the whole school. He had very little free time of his own but what he had he spent reading or writing. He aced his classes and got off with a perfect degree. However instead of going back to his parents right away he decided to take journey to different countries. Now that he was of age he could do whatever he wanted.

While traveling he got the notice that his father had deceased through illness. He immediately returned home and without second doubt took over the family business. He grew up to become a formidable businessman and attended many well fare parties on one of which he met his now good friend Hyacinth. The two of them came up with an idea for an elite academy to push young trainers to be the best they could. And so the two of them opened Academie Beauforêt.

Ethnicity: British
Facial Type: Triangular
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Neck long, neatly combed back
Skin Tone: pale
Build: Long legs, skinny limbs (he was never the type to build up fat or muscle on his arms or legs)
Height: 1,90 m
Weight: 89 kg
Facial Hair: chin beard (neatly trimmed), side burns
Distinguishing Features: high and prominent cheekbones, thin eyebrows, crooked nose

Allergies: sea food, nuts, pollen

Style: Formal (often in suit and tie)
Mode of Dress: very neatly. always pays attention to the little details and never wants to appear messy
Grooming: Well-kept
Habits and Mannerisms: Arm crossing in uncomfortable situations, fondling with his hands when nervous, readjusting his glasses a lot

Mood: Serious. If not serious then angry
Attitude: He sits on a bit of a high horse at first but once he approved of someone's skills he treats them as equals
Expressiveness: Often hides his emotions in public to seem more professional
When Happy: Relaxed posture and a slight bounce in his step
When Depressed: Locks himself up in his library for several days living only on tea and biscuits
When Angry: Tries to keep his composure but lets the person responsible know how the hatred builds up

Parents: Mr. Wordsworth (deceased) and Mrs. Wordsworth (deceased)
Nannies: Mdm. Hüter (age 85)
Step Siblings: Stefanie White (different father; age 28)
Friends: Hyacinth Greenwood, Chester Wingless (but don't tell him Dory considers him a friend)

Pokemon :
1. Juliette
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Level: 97
Nature: Calm

2. Romeo
Species: Honchcrow
Gender: Male
Level: 90
Nature: Mild

3. Faust
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Level: 82
Nature: Adamant

4. Othello
Species: Zoruark
Gender: Male
Level: 77
Nature: Naughty

Wardrobe: Suits (color range: black to dark blue), different ties, turtlenecks (winter wear), festive coat
Accessories: two small black earrings in both ears, black rose tattoo on back, Reddish-Brown Leather Gloves, rimless glasses
Prized Possession: His notebook in which he writes all his novel ideas

Lovers: n/a
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Teacher, Vice Headmaster
Work Ethnic: "There are no second tries. Do your job good the first time you do it!"
Rank: Second in Command

Etiquette: very well mannered. he had to "endure" many lessons in etiquette as a child
Culture: British: Tea with milk, no sugar

Worst Nightmare: A world where everyone does as he/she wishes, where chaos ensues and order isn't known.

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, reading, taking long walks around campus
Skills/Talents: Very well organised (if that counts), memorizing book passages, playing the violin/piano (neither perfectly)

- Rules and order
- Books (old books)
- Shakespear's and Goethe's dramas
- Black roses
- His Umbreon Juliette
- His friendship with the principal
- The academie

- Chaos
- Disobeying
- Hooligans
- Talking loud in the library (oh you better not be loud in the library when he is around)
- Fighting, Bug and Fairy types (they scare him for obvious reasons)

Quirks: adjusting his glasses with the middle section of his index finger
Guilty Pleasure: Writing Romance/Erotica novels (only very few know about this)

Favorite Colors: Dark and earthen colors, purple
Favorite Pokemon: Dark types
Favorite Places in the Academy: Library, his own house, his office
Favorite Flavors: Melon, Mocca
Favorite Foods: Shortbread, biscuits, roast, potatoes
Favorite Drinks: Scotch, Black Tea
Favorite Genre: Goth, Romance
Favorite Books: Goethe's Faust, Shakespear's Hamlet, All works of Edgar Allan poe
Favorite Music: Classic
Favorite Quotations: "Nevermore!"

Languages: English, French, German
Accent: British (London)

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