Marlene Van Hoven [Cook]

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Marlene Van Hoven [Cook]

Post by DarkSlowbro on Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:22 pm

General Information
First name: Marlene ("Only my husband may call me Leni!")
Last name: Van Hoven
Sex: female
Age: 51
Origin (Region, City): Kalos, Couriway Town (originally from whatever Region equals the Netherlands)
Status: Cook

Height: 1,70
Physique: plump, but curvy, I-don't-know-what-cup-size but really big
Hair colour: dark red (actually greyish-brown)
Hairstyle: chin-length, wavy/curly
Eye colour: brown
Clothing: a bit more chic, esoteric touch
Miscellaneous: big round gemstone earrings, silver wedding ring with flower ornaments on her left ring finger

Character traits: friendly, tidy, assertive, a bit bossy, helpful
Habits: loves listening to old records, sings along to pretty much everything
Interests and hobbies: cooking, music, taking long walks, camping

Closest acquaintance(s): Theobald Van Hoven, Hyacinth Greenwood, Alma Roth
Sexuality: heterosexual
Love interest (+ status): Theobald Van Hoven (married, 2 children: Vanessa (28), Johann (25))

1st Pokémon: Miltank, Lvl. 78, female, Janis


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